How To Make Your Own Car Cover

Covered car

A car cover protects your car from the elements as well as dust and debris.  If your home has no garage or not all your vehicles fit in the existing one, a car cover is a great way of protecting your car.  Unless you really need a canopy or a tent, a car cover is a cheaper alternative.

There are many car covers in the market.  Some are generic one-size-fits-all type, while others are made specifically for a certain car brand and model.  If you are adept as sewing and would like to create one that is tailor made for your car, follow the instructions below.


For this do-it-yourself car cover, you will need the following materials:

  1. 15 yards of fabric – This is just an approximate amount. You may need more or less depending on the model and make of your car. For the fabric, you can opt for something lightweight or a waterproof fabric to keep the rainwater from drenching your car; some use tarp, just make sure your sewing machine can handle this type of material
  2. Heavy weight thread
  3. Elastic band – You may need approximately 25 feet; buy the ½” wide band
  4. Sewing machine
  5. Sewing scissors
  6. Flexible measuring tape
  7. Pattern paper
  8. Masking tape – A painter’s masking tape is a good option
  9. Markers


  1. Start by measuring the car.  Using a measuring tape, start at the middle from one end of the bumper to the other.  Write down this number then add four inches.  This will be for the hems.  Next, you need to get the widest width.  Measure the hood, roof and trunk from right to left.  Write down the largest width.  Add two inches to this number for the seams.
  2. Make a pattern of both sides of the car.  Attach pattern paper to the side of the car using masking tape and cut out the pattern.  It doesn’t have to be perfect.  You can adjust later on. 
  3. Using the measurements you have, estimate how much fabric you need to buy.  Most fabric measures 48 – 60 inches in width.  Make sure you take the fabric panel width in consideration when figuring out the total yardage you need to purchase.
  4. Cut the fabric.  Start with the center piece or the middle section.  Next, use the patterns you made to cut the fabric for the sides of the car.
  5. Star sewing.  Sew the front and back panels to the center using heavy weight thread and your sewing machine.  It is best to start with the front panels.  Fit it over the car so you can make adjustments before continuing on.   Finish attaching all side panels.  Finally, sew the hem for the whole cover.  The width of the hem should be one to two inches.  You can install elastic bands inside the hem.

Note: You may want to add ties or grommets to the hem so you can easily tie down the car cover to the car.  Installing elastic bands within the hem will not stop the wind from blowing away the car cover.

Making your own car cover is a great way to put your sewing skills to good use.  You need a car cover if your car does not stay in an enclosed garage and is always subjected to the elements as well as dirt and flying debris.  Bird droppings are also a problem when the car is out in the sun the whole day.  Protect your investment by making your own car cover.  It’s a good DIY project for any sewing enthusiast.


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