How To Program Your Car for a Garage Opener

Tired of having to hop out of your car to open the garage door, or being frustrated because the portable garage door opener keeps slipping out of the holder and falling under the seat, just out of reach? You can eliminate all that hassle by programming your car as a remote garage opener. Most new model vehicles have transmitters built in that can act as a secondary garage remote.

Because there can be subtle differences between different vehicle models, the first step in programming your car as an automatic garage door or gate opener is to consult the operator's manual that comes with the vehicle so that you are familiar with the controls and the proper procedure to follow. Many cars can operate up to three different remote opening systems.

When programming a door or gate opener, make sure the area is clear as during the process the garage door goes up and down, and the gate will swing open and close. Park the vehicle outside the garage, and give yourself room to work safely. Here's how to program your car to open your garage or gate.

  1. Switch on the vehicle's ignition.
  2. If you have already programmed one of the buttons and wish to keep that programming, go immediately to Step 3. If you're programming it for the first time, the following procedures apply (this assumes that your vehicle has three buttons). Press and hold down the two outer transmitter buttons until the indicator light begins to blink. Don't hold the buttons down for longer than 20 seconds.
  3. Place the hand-held remote device you wish to train 2 – 5 inches away from the signal transmitter button to be programmed. Keep an eye on the indicator lamp.
  4. Press the hand-held remote device button and the desired signal transmitter button at the same time. When it begins to blink rapidly, release both buttons at the same time.
  5. Test the trained transmitter button by pressing it and watching the lamp. If the lamp stays on, you have successfully programmed your device.
  6. Begin at step 3 to program the other two buttons if you have other devices you wish to operate.
  7. Now comes the process of training your garage door or gate opener. At this point, it is helpful to have a second pair of hands.
  8. On the rear of your ceiling mounted garage door opener motor, there will be a red or green square button and an indicator lamp. This is the training button used to link the door opener with the transmitter button in your car. Press this button in until the light comes on.
  9. Return to the vehicle and firmly press and hold for 2 seconds and release the programmed signal transmitter button. This step must be completed within 30 seconds, so it might be better at this point to have an assistant handle the buttons in the vehicle.
  10. To complete the process of programming, press and hold the button once more.

Confirm that the button is correctly programmed by pressing it. Your garage door or gate should open and close smoothly whenever you press the button. A word of caution: Drive openers should never be used with garage doors or gates that do not have a safety feature that disables the door whenever something is in its path.


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