How To Remove a Car's Pinstriping

Not everyone is lucky enough to acquire a brand new car, fresh with only the details specified during purchase. Most of us end up scouring the numerous used car dealers in our area hoping to find that decent car. And if we're lucky enough to ever stumble on that much-longed 1974 Camaro, chances are some floral or flame stickers, memories of the not-so-distant Hippie past, don the side panels of the car. Here are a few tips on how to remove unsightly pinstripes on your newly-purchased used car.

  1. Be certain everything you need is prepared. Removing your car's pinstriping will require patience. This is why having everything needed within reach for this weekend project will be very helpful to avoid any unnecessary delays. Purchase a can of decal remover from your local car accessories or household shop. If this is not available, then you can use any rust remover product such as WD40. Have some rags, microfiber cloth and scrubbing pads for the cleaning process. Additionally, a can of car wax would be good to finish off the project. Lastly, a powerful hair dryer should also be handy in case some priming on the pinstripes is necessary.
  2. Clean and prepare your car. Taking away the pinstripes will be much faster if you start off with a clean car. Make sure that you hose down and wipe your car clean and dry prior to removal of pinstripes.
  3. Assess how tough the job's going to be. Car pinstripes are either painted on or stickers. Before proceeding, evaluate how deeply seated the pinstripes are so that you know how much of the strong decal or rust remover will be needed to do the job. Bear in mind that these cleaning agents contain highly potent chemicals that are not only dangerous to your health, but your car's overcoat as well. You would not want to end up using too much and see how the cleaning agent eats away at your car's paint.
  4. Start removing the car's pinstriping. It might be necessary to prime the pinstripe a little with the use of the hair dryer. Just make sure that you do not apply too much heat as this will inevitably result in chipped car paint. Once the sticker is loosened, you can now start peeling it off the car's surface. If priming does not do the trick, then spray some decal or rust remover onto the pinstripes. Leave it there for about 2 minutes and wipe it clean afterwards. Repeat the process to eliminate stuck adhesive.

Once all the pinstripes are successfully removed, you can now finish off by waxing your car. Just make sure that you replace the cover of the decal or rust remover properly and store it away from children's reach to avoid accidents.


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