How To Replace Rear Coil Springs

Replacing the rear coil springs on your car is very easy to do.  It can be done in one hour with a few tools that you may have around the garage.  

First, you must jack up the rear of the car and set it on the jack stands.  A good jack and some jack stands can be found at any automotive store.

Next, you can use a 3/8 inch ratchet to remove the bottom shock bolts, which are connected to the axle.  You should then remove the jack stands, and the frame will lower and the springs will decompress. 

Now, remove the coil springs and replace them with some new springs.  Disc springs, steel springs, and clock springs are very popular.  You can order coil wire and many springs online. There are many different websites that sell the springs for your car or truck.  They can improve the performance and look of your vehicle, so springs are a good buy. There are many different pictures online of cars and trucks that have springs installed.  Before removing the springs, loosen each one in turn and then take off the lower bolts.  Be careful as you're doing this, or the springs may recoil.  

Once each of the springs has been removed, install the new springs.  Do this by putting in the new bolts for the new springs, and then attaching the brackets.  It's not a good idea to tighten them all the way at first; instead, adjust each spring in turn until they're all aligned.  

You can find discounts on coil springs online so it is good to search around for the best price on springs.  They will ship the springs directly to your door and then you can install them right in your driveway or garage.  The rear coil spring is mounted between the rear axle and the frame of your vehicle.  You can find new and used rear coil springs online. is one website where you can purchase coil springs, but there are many others.  They have a used coil spring locater so that you can easily find rear coil springs. is another good website, with tips on how to repair your car.  They also have information about coil springs, so you can do some research if you would like to learn more about replacing coil springs.

Most of the tools that are needed for this repair can be purchased online.  You can get the jack, the jack stands, ratchets, and the springs all from the same online store.  All you need to do is simply add all of the products to your shopping basket and then proceed to the checkout.  You can then pay by credit card and have the items shipped directly to your door.  They will tell you how much shipping is and many companies have items on sale for you to purchase.  They can give you tracking information so that you can track your packages and see when they will arrive at your home.  You can save a lot of money by doing this simple repair at home instead of taking it to the repair shop.  You can save hundreds of dollars, and it is a fun project.


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