How To Save on Car Parts Through Part Source

If you want to save on car parts, try buying them from Part Source. Part Source is a car parts store that sells inexpensive yet high quality car parts. With over 80 well-equipped stores in Canada and still expanding, you can get car parts you want, wherever you may be. Here is how to save on car parts through Part Source.

  1. Part Source gives excellent deals to its clients. Every month, Part Source gives out flyers where you can find great deals and discounts on their products. Prices on selected items have discounts of up to 50% from the original price. You can also buy an item and get another one just like it for half its price. These deals have limited time offers, so grab a copy of a flyer at their stores or from their website as soon as possible.
  2. Part Source sets prices that are competitive. Part Source lowers their prices to equal prices from competing stores. Those who buy products from Part Source in retail will get an additional 10% discount when they buy from Part Source.
  3. Part Source's electronic newsletter gives discounts to registered members. Register at Part Source's website to receive announcements of deals, events, and tips in your email. By registering, you will regularly get this newsletter every month and have more chances of saving on car parts.
  4. Part Source club cards can earn you discounts. Apply for a Part Source club card and use the card to earn points. The more you shop, the more you earn points, and the more you save on discounted car parts.
  5. Part Source gift certificates make you get exactly the car parts you want. Other people will save money when they give you a gift certificate for Part Source car parts. They won't have to buy you another car part because you didn't like what they bought for you.
  6. Part Source offers free installation tips. Part Source offers its services specifically for customers who want to do-it-themselves, and also for expert car part installers. Their tips include how to save on car parts, part models, valve sources, and skin sources as well.
  7. Part Source gives free electrical testing. Testing the car part will make sure that you will get a fully functional car part from Part Source. This way, you will save on buying a replacement, or fixing up the car part to make it work properly.
  8. Part Source provides free technical information about car parts. Do-it-yourselfers may be in the dark regarding the car parts they need, thus they may spend more on car parts that won't actually do any good. Part Source will help their clients to save more by doing the right things with their car parts.
  9. Part Source helps their clients on repair and maintenance. When clients ask other people to repair and maintain car parts, these other people may charge a fee for them. Do-it-yourselfers will save a lot when they do it on their own, with a little free help from the Part Source.


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