How To Shut Off Your Car Alarm if it Won't Quit

So, you press the button on your key chain to turn off your car alarm, but it does not seem to work.  Does this sound familiar?  If so, follow these easy steps to solve the problem and turn off your car alarm. 

A car alarm that does not shut off immediately can be extremely irritating and annoying.  Make sure to keep a cool head and be calm while doing any sort of work to your automobile.

The main goal is to temporarily disable the car alarm system.  First, you should disconnect the battery and/or the auxiliary battery.  This is not necessary, but very much recommended -it will help make sure you can still hear by the time you're done.  Any time you're working with the siren, it is possible that it can go off.  By disconnecting the battery, you are sparing your ears and will also keep your irritation level down.

Make sure your hood is open and in the locked position.  Find the horn or the siren for the car.  This will be in a different place for each car model.  Just keep your eyes open - the location varies widely. Make sure you locate the siren and not the horn.  This is crucial, but you will not have to go digging for this.  It should be in place that is easy to see and easy to reach.

Find the hot wire to the siren.  There will be another wire, but this wire is connected to the ground, which is also called a grounded wire. There is no specific color that the hot or ground wire will be. You will be able to identify it because it is connected to the terminal.

Disconnect the hot wire from the terminal. This can be done by cutting or unscrewing it.  Whichever method you choose, be sure to not damage anything else. 

Tape the end of the exposed wire after cutting, and secure this to the wire harness or the body of the car.  If needed, you can reattach this wire in the future. 

Reattach the battery and auxiliary battery, and you're almost done! 

Close the hood and you should be set.


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