How To Start Your Own Computer Support Business

Computers nowadays provide almost any information you can ever imagine. However, not everyone is good with computers, and some people need techies to help them do minor fixes or even big repairs. A good way to earn a good stream of income is by running your very own computer support business. Almost any person can start this kind of business, provided they undergo the proper training and have some experience when it comes to dealing with computers.

You can start your business as an informal one. For instance, your neighbors might be aware you're well-versed in the repair and maintenance of computer software and hardware. You can make good money from this. But if you decide to go run a full-fledged business, here are a few things to take care of.

  • Business license. A business license shows that your business is legitimate, and will help in giving your clients confidence that their computers are in good hands. This also makes you eligible to get business insurance, small loans, and other benefits that entrepreneurs are accorded.

  • Marketing materials. Hand outs like these are a major plus when starting out your business. Posting them up in public places, such as community bulletin boards, would also help. Most of your customers and clients will be home computer owners in your neighborhood, so it is quite logical to make yourself known to those around you.

  • Business Cards. A calling card will definitely be handy so that people will remember you when they need help. You can leave several cards with business establishments in related fields, such as photo processing shops.

  • Run a website or blog. Having an online presence is also important in your business. Since your business is in providing support to computer users, it's a good idea to let potential clients find you online. You don't need a flashy website, but a simple, easy to navigate site will do. Your site should contain contact information like business telephone numbers, email and even a mobile number, where they can reach you while you are working in the field. You can also include the services you can offer to your would-be clients.

As for the necessary skills and tools, here are a few areas you can focus on when running your small business.

  • Windows skills. Most of your clients would likely be using a variant of Windows as their primary operating system. Therefore, you should be familiar with the inner workings of Windows, including registry tweaks and fixes.

  • Malware knowledge. Malware is a big scourge for computer users, and yet not everyone has the know-how in preventing malware and curing their computers if they get compromised.

  • Keep computer software handy. Having various software on hand will be useful. For instance, boot discs would help you diagnose problems on computers that cannot start up properly. Windows Ultimate Boot disk will definitely help through tough diagnosing and repairing problems. You should also keep a copy of the latest anti-virus software and patches on hand.

  • Know your hardware. Not all computer problems are software related. Some fixes might require you to replace some parts. This is especially easy for desktop computers, where you might sometimes need to replace parts. But for laptops, this could require more advanced tools and knowledge.

Running a computer support business could be a viable activity if you have a steady flow of loyal clients who come to you in time of need. Just as with any business, you have to be prepared both in terms of technical ability and marketing in order to make your business flourish.


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