How To Use a Canoe Rack

A canoe rack is a device that is attached to the roof of a vehicle, especially made for transporting canoes. If you head out to the lake often and have a hard time tying your canoe to the roof of your car and making sure that it is secure, it is time that you purchase your own canoe rack. This will be more convenient for you and you can be assured that your canoe stays in place while you are traveling.

Here are the tips on how you can use your canoe rack properly:

  1. Canoe rack types. There are different types of canoe racks that are especially designed for each type of vehicle. Purchase the one that you think is perfect for your car. If you are not sure, tell the dealers the make of your car and they will provide the best canoe rack for you to use. These canoe racks also come with different types of fasteners. They can come with straps, clamps and other security devices.
  2. Practice using the canoe rack. When you get home, you can practice using the canoe rack with your car. Load your canoe on top of the car and practice fastening it on the roof in such a way that it won’t wobble when you are already traveling. The way to load the canoe on the rack is with the bottom facing upward.
  3. Loading the canoe. If you have a wilderness adventure by yourself and you do not have any help in managing the canoe, it is best to practice so that it will be easier for you when you already use it. Lay the canoe on the side of your car with one end near your car and the other end away from your car. Lift one side of the canoe and put your head under it so that you can properly push the canoe on top of your car. When the other end is already on the roof, support the rest of the canoe and place the other end on the rack. This will be easier to do if you have a companion.
  4. Strapping the canoe down. The last thing you have to do is to secure the canoe in place by strapping it down on the rack. Use the clasps or ties that come with the canoe and make sure that you secure it tightly enough that it won’t budge or move. If you feel that the straps are not enough, you can add more straps to make it more secure. You wouldn’t want to chase your canoe on the highway when it topples over.

These are the steps on how to use a canoe rack properly. You need to follow the steps so that you can make sure you arrive at the lake with your canoe and not with an empty car roof. 


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