How To Use a Cordless Radar Detector

A radar detector is used mainly by drivers to warn them of the presence of speed monitoring radars. Speeding is one of the main reasons why police catch most drivers. This detector can save and protect drivers from being caught and for them it is absolutely the greatest protection that money can buy. A cordless radar detector is handy and it can be installed in the car. In 2006, VFG2 photo radar jammers were able to block traffic camera tickets. License plate in most cities can be photograph by police detector radar cameras. Major cities in the US, Canada, and Europe use laser photo in their work zones. A laser radar detector or valentine radar can prevent this machine from capturing vehicles’ license plates.

Follow complete procedure in operating the cordless radar detector:

  1. Start up the power mode. Press and hold the button power to sustain energy flow into the unit. Press the power again and scroll the options given: normal, modification, quick start, and tutorial mode.
  2. Text message display. Select mode (highway, dark, dim, auto mute, city) chooses the radar band and signal strength.
  3. Open the antenna. This is done to receive signal by antenna with incorporated transition to micro strip mixer. 
  4. Open the laser optical sensor. This will enable you to collect signals from the front and back.
  5. Turn on the audible speaker system. This will produce digital voice messages.
  6. Power jack with straight or coiled core. The device can be operated in any vehicle.

Special features are also provided like resetting the unit to factory setting, voltage warning, and setting the brightness with the dark button, and the use of volume control and safety warning system. Be reminded that it is not advisable for the unit to be placed near the windshield wiper and mirrored sunscreen that block laser and radar signals. Tinted glass does not have an effect on the laser radar signals.

Dos and don’ts in handling the unit:

  • Avoid contact with the windshield, as it affects the accuracy of the unit.
  • Avoid direct sunlight, as it lessens the lifespan of the unit.
  • Avoid contact with water, as it may damage the unit causing the service contract to become void

Investing in a good quality radar detector like a whistle detector may save you from social humility and future risk of getting into court. Cheap brands of radar detectors will make you pay more in the future, in the process spending more money than what you save for buying a poor quality radar detector. There are also radar detectors for motorcycles. Just take a look at professional stores like and increase your knowledge about radar detectors. They offer different varieties from which you can choose and high quality but not too expensive easy to use radars for customers that do not have experience in handling the gadget.

Citizen must be responsible in following traffic laws. Radar detectors do not give you the opportunity to over speed. Rather, radar detectors are only reminders to carefully check your speed and prevent the risk of street accidents. 


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