How To Use an Air Horn Safely

An air horn is a sounder or loud horn that makes use of tightly packed or compressed air to produce a very loud and piercing sound. It is usually installed on big trucks, trains or ships and emergency transportation, like ambulances or fire trucks. This tool is designed to alert other drivers on the road that a big vehicle is passing through. If it is an emergency automobile like ambulances and fire trucks, once they turn on this air horn, other drivers will clear the road to give way to these vehicles.

The same thing is true for water vessels. To prevent running into another watercraft, they sound the ship horn to alert the officer in-charge of the other boat to give them the right-of-way, or maybe steer to another course to avoid collision and accidents in the sea.

Some individuals who own cars would install their personal electric air horn, and sometimes even going as far as adding a train horn, an even louder variation of a personal air horn, to their vehicles for their leisure pursuit in automobiles.

Air horns are also used in the sports setting. This is especially true in ice hockey and indoor soccer. In this setting, an air horn is used either to indicate the end of the period or when the home team gets a point. Air horns used to indicate the end of the period have a high note, while the horn indicating that the home team scored a point is of a much lower tone.

There are also portable air horns that one can utilize and bring with them on the road. This type of air horn uses an aluminum canister where the air is stored.

So how does one use an air horn safely and securely? The following is a small list of guidelines on safely using an air horn.

  1. Do not use a loud sound on the road, especially in metropolitan areas. Loud air horns will cause vehicular accidents if one does not observe the proper usage of this device. If it causes an accident, insurance companies are unlikely to cover damages when they find out that the cause of the accident is your modified car air horn.
  2. If you are driving an emergency vehicle, only use the air horn, with the siren, when there is really an urgent situation.
  3. Check the air tanks of your car daily. Air that is tightly packed in air tanks has the possibility to explode if not checked daily. Regularly inspect the tank, because if the air bursts out of the tank, it will be deadly.

Be cautious of how you use an air horn on your car, because you could be charged large fines for air horn misuse. In fact, some regions have banned the use of modified air horns on automobiles because of the increase of road accidents. 


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