How To Use an Ozone Generator on Your Car

An ozone generator is considered a household help if you know how to use it. Different sizes are used for different levels of contamination or just to freshen up the air. It can cause headache and sore throat because of its acrid smell if it is not properly adjusted. Ozone generators are classified as: (i) light ozone for air purification; and (ii) high ozone shock treatments for removing molds and serious odors. Ozone generators could be adjusted to fit the level of contamination and the size and type of the area to be cleaned.

For an odor-filled and smoky room, the high ozone shock treatment is recommended. This will remove not only the stubborn odor but also molds, which might be present causing the bad odor. Molds give a bad odor including animal odor. For air purification and air cleaning, a light ozone generator should be used.

An ozone generator can also be used on cars. Since the car is smaller than a room, the ozone generator should be properly adjusted to serve its purpose.

  1. If your car is air-conditioned, fire the ozone into the air duct of the ventilation. If it is not air-conditioned, place the ozone generator opposite the car, which has one open window.
  2. Turn the ozone generator to low and slowly adjust it if needed, especially if the car has been occupied by heavy smokers. Clean the car's interior cabin also.
  3. To create cleaner air, use as little ozone as possible.
  4. When you purchase an ozone generator, a user manual is included which has a chart that indicates the adjustments required for certain room area. Your car is considered a small room.
  5. You may use a remote control to adjust the ozone generator without going inside the car to feel the effect of the generator.
  6. After turning off the ozone generator, allow 30 minutes for the car to be uninhabited. This is giving the user time to allow all the bad odors to be removed and only purified air to breathe.
  7. Do not use the car for infant's transport for at least a day.
  8. Use car fresheners inside the car to replace the bad smell that has been removed by the ozone generator.
  9. The ozone generator sterilizes the car, removes bad smell, purifies the air, and disinfects the car.

For mold remedy, use the largest ozone generators. The very high level of ozone kills and controls mold spores. However, the ozone you need may be different from the needs of others. If the room or car is occupied by has heavy smokers, the odor problem may be severe.

Operating an ozone generator starts from low setting and slowly working on to the level where the problem could be solved. Using it on cars is no longer new. Everyone else uses ozone generators to purify the air and to clean the bad smell. It is recommended that the generator works while the fan is also turned on so that the distribution of purified air is even. 


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