How To Use Pipe Bending Charts for Installing Custom Exhaust

Custom exhaust is a great improvement to do with your car. Installing a custom exhaust not only improves its power, as well as its increased torque. It is also one way of improving the exterior of your car especially when you are fond of joining your car into car shows and races. Customizing exhaust has been one of the most popular upgrades of car parts because it is easy to install and it creates a sense of power not only for the car but for the owner as well.

Installing a custom exhaust on the car is easy and convenient in numerous ways, one of which is by using a standard pipe bending chart. The pipe bending chart is used to determine the exact degree of angle and the length from which a pipe is bending. In this case, custom exhausts are generally considered pipes that  can be bent in different angles. The exact degree and length of the pipe bending is needed in order for the custom exhaust to fit well on the car. Installing a custom exhaust is made easy with the use of a pipe bending chart.

The pipe bending chart is very useful because it states the specific sizes, degrees, and length to which a bend should be done. It is composed of three sections: the pipe size, bend angle, and the length. The pipe size is measured by the diameter of pipe in inches. The bend angle is measured by degree while the length in inches marks the part of the pipe where the bend should be.

The length and the degree of the pipe bend come together because the two measurements should be accurate in order to have the right pipe bend. The pipe bending chart shows you where exactly to position the pipe bender to bend the pipe with the right angle.

  • To make a pipe bending chart useful for your custom exhaust installation, you must first determine the degree of angle of the bend you want or need for the custom exhaust.
  • You can use your old exhaust as your basis for what degree you should bend your new custom exhaust.
  • After determining the length and degree for your pipe, insert the pipe into the pipe bender. You must position the pipe to its exact length.
  • Pull the pipe bender arm slowly while carefully checking the degree that the protractor specifies.
  • You should stop right at the mark of the degree you need for your custom exhaust.
  • Remove the pipe from the pipe bender and carefully install the custom exhaust into the car. Make sure the custom exhaust is properly installed to achieve optimum performance.

There are other ways you can learn on how to install your custom exhaust. You can check the Internet for instructional videos on how to install custom exhaust on your own. Or you can ask a skilled mechanic to teach you how to install your custom exhaust for your car. Either way, you must enjoy your new powerful custom exhaust that you can brag about.


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