Replace a Car Antenna

Antennas can be damaged in numerous ways: vandals, mother nature, and the car wash. The car wash accident has probably happened to a few of us. We enter the car wash not paying attention to the warning sign that reads, "Please lower all antennas; we're not responsible for any damage," and when we exit we notice the antenna is bent or broken. Not to worry; it is fairly easy to replace your car's antenna.

  1. The first step is to remove your original antenna. If your antenna is the powered type, you will want to raise it to the up position. Next you want to take a pair of pliers, or a wrench, and loosen the nut that secures your antenna to the fender area to gain access to the area beneath the antenna.
  2. Below this opening, you want to locate the bracket that is holding your antenna into place. Now you can remove the mast.
  3. Next you want to locate the motor that controls your antennas mast. You will be looking for the antennas continuous 12 volt lead and a ground. The ground lead will be grounded to the panel near the antenna motor. Remove the ground lead from this panel.
  4. Now you want to pull out your antennas coax cable, unplug it from the extension coax cable. Remove the original antenna coax cable. Keep in mind the route of this coax cable for re-installation.
  5. To reinstall your new antenna, the first thing you want to do is check the area for rust. If rust is present, clean the entire area with sandpaper, prime it, and finish off with touch up paint. Allow to dry.
  6. Next you want to plug in your new antenna coax cable into the extension coax cable. Plug in the new antennas coax cable into the antenna lead of the radio. A piece of string will work well, if there is no extension coax cable.
  7. Feed the new antenna coax cable through the opening, using the same route as the original antenna coax cable came out of, to the hole in the fender where the mast is to be mounted.
  8. Insert the mast into the hole, and screw it to the coax cable. Replace the nut, and securely tighten. Replace the cover for the antenna mount.


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