How To Buy Petrol Scooter Parts in the UK

A petrol scooter is a child's means of transportation that normally has two wheels with a low platform or foot board between them, is pushed by a steering bar or handlebar, and is forced against the ground by pushing one foot while the other foot rests on the footboard. The initial push starts the engine.  Originally these scooters were intended for personal transportation with low-power engines ranging from 50cc to 250cc. However, bigger ones called maxi-scooters were developed with engines between 250cc to 800cc.

The recognition of petrol scooters as a form of private motor vehicle is partly due to their low acquisition cost and operation, and their ease in parking and storage. Registration, licensing, and insurance prerequisites have been less expensive and made easier than those for cars in all parts of the world.

In the UK, accessories and parts for petrol scooters may be purchased from the following outlets:

  • Kazuma Quad Bikes is one of the major importers of petrol powered relaxation products in the UK.
  • Baotian Scooters is an authorized dealer of scooters which are manufactured in the UK.
  • LA Pocket Machines is a low-cost mail order outlet, which offers clients highly competitive prices.
  • KY Dirty Bikes provides excellent backing up and tuning-up of all petrol scooters purchased from this outlet.

Other leading distributors and outlets of petrol scooter parts and accessories stock thousands of excellent and quality products. Examples of these accessories include Peli brand camera, projector, and audio cases; Crumpler brand camera and laptop brands; Billingham brand camera, pockets and stowaway bags; Kata brand camera bags and backpacks, and many more.

Baotian accessories and spares parts are 100% authentic. They will fit and are suitable to the machine for which they are advertised. These parts may fit even the copied Boatian scooters. Reviews from clients regarding manufacturers of petrol scooters, parts and accessories in UK include among others, Gopeds Petrol Scooters. Gopeds have received consistently high ratings from clients.

Regarding the return policy of spare parts and accessories, UK manufacturers and distributors inform their clients about them whenever there is a purchase. Like other distributors, the normal condition is that the cost of the goods less 15 percent restocking fee will be refunded if they are returned within seven days; and incorrect goods will be replaced at no cost to the client including postage costs.

The cost of shipment or delivery of goods varies, depending on the weight of the items and the delivery destination. Small items are sent first class through Royal Mail, and bigger and heavier parts are delivered via Interlink. This shipping condition will be known to you during your check out time.

Most UK suppliers are easy to deal with. Sales teams are cooperative and answers any question from the clients regarding their purchase and delivery. It is suggested that before seeing one supplier, clients first browse online for other possible suppliers. The internet cannot engage in hard-sell activities, and you can shop around at your leisure, make a list of the exact items you want, and take this list in to the shop of your choice.


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