How To Buy Crowd Control Barricades

Crowd control barricades help to control crowds at events such as parades, concerts, festivals, and any other event where large numbers of people gather.  Typically made of lightweight steel or plastic, crowd control barricades are portable and can be used inside or out.  Crowd control barricades are available in a variety of sizes and can be rented or purchased.

Below is a list of features to consider when choosing to buy the crowd control barricade that best suits your needs:

  1. Material:  How sturdy and durable does the crowd control barricade need to be?  Options range from stainless steel to plastic.  Consider whether you will be reusing the crowd control barricade for future events and what weather conditions will be like.  If using crowd control barricades indoors, stanchions with connecting tapes or ropes may be a more esthetically pleasing option.
  2. Length:  Do the math.  Do it again.  Since you are typically paying per foot of crowd control barricade, you want to get your numbers right.  How much space do you need to block off?  You can order different size crowd control barricades to fit the space exactly.
  3. Height:  Are you worried about people climbing over the crowd control barricade?  If the height of the crowd control barricade is too tall, will it look menacing rather than inviting?

  4. Hooking mechanism:  How easily do you want the crowd control barricades to be able to be hooked and unhooked?  Is there the chance that you will need to move the crowd control barricades during the course of the event?  Are you concerned that the crowd might unhook the mechanisms themselves?  Will the crowd control barricades need to connect at a variety of angles or only one?  There are a variety of hooking mechanisms available to suit your purposes.
  5. Foot style:  Will the crowd control barricade be on concrete or uneven ground?  Different style feet can accommodate different conditions.  Flat-footed barriers tend to be the most durable but do not work as well on uneven ground.  Rubber tips can be put on crowd control barricades that need to be used indoors.  You can also buy crowd control barricades with roller feet for easy maneuverability.
  6. Entrance/Exit:  Will you have gates or simply openings in the crowd control barricades?  How will you make the entrances and exits visible to the crowd?  Sketch out a site plan.  Adequate entrances and exits are one of the most important aspects of successful crowd control.

Type "crowd control barricade" into your search engine, and you'll get a long list of companies that rent and sell crowd control barricades online.  Now that you have thought through which features will best suit your needs, it should narrow your crowd control barricade options considerably.


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