Renting Portable Toilets: Portable Restrooms for Rent

Learn Where to Find a Portable Restroom When You Expect a Large Crowd at Your Event

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Are you trying to rent portable toilets?  Maybe you're organizing an outdoor concert or special event and need portable restrooms.  Maybe you're a football coach or league manager and you've noticed a need for a portable toilet at the field.  Or maybe you have a construction crew at work on your property and want them to have the easy access that a portable toilet provides.  You could even be looking for an entirely different kind of portable toilet - one that you can take into the outdoors when camping, fishing or hunting to serve as a portable restroom.  Whatever the reason, there are several types of portable toilets and several ways to rent portable toilets.  First, let's look at how you can get your hands on some portable toilets for the non-backcountry needs like community events and construction (see below for more rustic locations):

Here are some ideas for how to rent portable toilets:

  1. Google's Directory lists reputable portable toilet companies that you can contact to learn about their portable toilet options and policies.  You can also use The Blue Book's online tool for finding local portable toilet rentals in your area. Simply select your location and the site does the rest, listing local options for you to consider!  Alternately, by searching "rent portable toilets" using Google or Yahoo, you'll find many companies to contact regarding rental.
  2. You can use the yellow pages, either in the phone book or online, to search for portable toilets.  Companies can often be found under "construction," but you might also want to check the event or festival categories as well.
  3. If you're renting portable toilets for a special event or some kind of gathering of many people, this chart will be very useful to you when calculating how many portable toilets you need to rent in order to accommodate the expected attendance for the duration of the event.

If you're looking for portable toilets to use in the backcountry when camping, this next section is for you.  Note: you won't be able to rent these camping toilets, you will have to buy your portable toilet of this type. The market for used toilets is limited, at best.

  1. Here's the most unique portable toilet website I came across while writing this article.  If you're looking for a portable toilet you can take car-camping, this might be a great option for you.  And even if you're not an outdoorsman, I doubt you'll regret taking a minute in your office cubicle to check out the Bumper Dumper®.
  2. Perhaps the Bumper Dumper® isn't what you had in mind.  If this is the case, you can find portable toilets for your outdoor recreational needs at large outfitting retailers like R.E.I. or G.I. Joe's (any retailer with initials, it seems - sorry, Eddie Bauer).
  3. As above, you'll find many options for portable toilets simply by going online and either perusing the Google Directory or, even better, doing a Google search.  For best results, instead of searching for "portable toilets" or "backcountry toilets," try using "camping toilet" as your search phrase.  The result will be a long list from which you can choose for your outdoor excursions.  Don't let your camping trip turn into a cramping trip.  Be prepared - find that portable toilet!


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