How To Advertise a Sale

Having a sale and want to get the word out? These days with consumers more cost-conscious than ever, a sale is a great way to get customers in the door. But do you know how to let customers know about your sale? There are a multitude of different ways to do so, but advertising is one of the most reliable. To effectively advertise a sale, use the following guidelines:

  1. Know what you want to say. Begin by determining what you want your sale advertisement to say. Not only do you want to advertise your sale, you want to tell your audience a bit about your business, what products you are offering, and why they should shop with you. Don't forget the important details, such as your hours of operation, the products on sale, and your store's address, phone number and web site.
  2. Decide where to place your ad.  The main factor to consider is what kind of media your target audience reads, listens to or watches. Or do most of them spend their time online? Understanding which media will most effectively reach your audience is a crucial part of the advertising process.
  3. Create your ad - or hire someone to do so. Your ad is a reflection of your business - and perception is important. If you are going to create your own print ad, be sure you are design savvy. It may be a better choice to hire a graphic designer to do it for you. You or your designer will need to use the specifications (or specs) provided by the publication or web site to create the ad. For print and web ads, this means getting the size and resolution exactly right. For television or radio ads, this means getting the length exactly right, and making sure the production values reflect well on your business.
  4. Get price quotes and buy your ad space. Contact the advertising department of your chosen media company, and tell them how much space (for print), time/frequency (for radio or tv) and duration (web) you are interested in purchasing. Compare your options and make a decision. Keep in mind there are often discounts for purchasing multiple ads, and incentives for first-time ad buyers. Keep in mind that the most effective advertising tool is repetition: it is a good idea to run your ad in as many mediums and as often as you can afford.

Sit back and enjoy your increased traffic! If you've done your homework and produced a quality ad that gets noticed, you should enjoy increased customer traffic at your sale.


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