Affiliate Moneymaking Strategies

One of the hottest topics racing around the internet now is Article Marketing to generate organic web traffic to a website. There are dozens of article directory sites where ezine publishers, newsletter editors and web editors can go to grab an article for their site, and include a link back to the article author's site.

This can be an effective moneymaking strategy to generate affiliate sales. You can make a pretty decent amount of money just through this modest amount of affiliate marketing. Read on below for more specifics on this technique. If you want really advanced techniques - the kind that net you six figures - I think you should check out Commission Blueprint.

The idea is simple. First, pick a product to promote. For example, a brand of weight loss product with an affiliate program. Sign up for the affiliate program, and write down a marketing strategy. This is the number one key affiliate moneymaking strategy that sets the six figure earners apart from the people who think "this will never work." A marketing plan for each and every product that describes how to promote the product, where to promote the product and what steps can be used to measure the success of each marketing channel. A written plan will clearly define the marketing of an affiliate product.

Once the affiliate program has been selected, and the product determined, the next step is to write a series of articles about the product. Each article should be unique in content, and should be informative, educational and entertaining. Short articles of around five hundred words or less seem to work best. Be sure to include a resource box with a link back to the affiliate link site. The articles have to have value. This is a key strategy to making money. If the article provides no value, or information that is useful, it won't get picked up or read. That's why humor articles seem to work the best. Get people laughing and they will want to read more.

Once the first article is written, select a directory, sign up and post the article. Some will require an approval period, while others will post immediately. The better the headline, the more the article will be read, which in turn can increase its ranking in the directory search. The better articles are shown to more people, so be sure to write the best article about the affiliate product. Hint: Reviews usually do not work, unless they stand apart from the masses.

Next, write another article. Then repeat. The great thing about article marketing as an affiliate moneymaking strategy is there is no limit on the slants you can take on a product. The only limit is the creativity of the marketing writer. Think of each article as a tiny salesman out on the internet sending people back to the affiliate site and making a sale. The more salespeople in the field, the more potential for sales.


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