How To Animate Your Marketing Presentation

Does the idea of going through a marketing presentation spell out the word B-O-R-I-N-G in your mind? Marketing presentations can be tedious and monotonous for those listening to it, especially if it's just words and figures. If you're the one giving it, you have to ensure that you have a captive audience, so you'll get the message across. How to do it? Simple. Animate your marketing presentation. Here's how.

  • Use a program you're familiar with. Don't apply technical programs you're not comfortable with, you might end up making a mess out of the whole presentation. PowerPoint is a good program to use. If you're not familiar with any program at all, then ask someone to teach you the basics well ahead of time.

  • Know your audience beforehand, so you'll know what kind of animation to use. A young audience might welcome a lot of caricatures in your presentation, while an older audience might find it unsuitable if you inject a lot of humorous animation. Humor is a helpful tool, just as long as you know when it's appropriate or not. Make sure that your jokes are politically-correct, too.

  • Practice doing the marketing presentation with the animation, so you can perfect the timing. Animation helps emphasize a point and that purpose would be rendered useless if the animation pops out at the wrong point, or worse, if it appears just as you're saying something important - your audience won't be able to catch what you're trying to stress, because their attention will probably be on the animation.

  • When you practice, use the hardware you will be using during the actual presentation, so you can see if everything's working fine. You should have back-up equipment ready, just in case Murphy's Law decides to visit you on your presentation day and your hardware conks out on you. Be ready for any eventuality.
  • Use colorful charts to show statistics and figures. You can use colorful fonts as well, especially when you're emphasizing a point. Animation is most useful when you have to explain a process. A series of animations can portray each step in the procedure, and with proper explanation and timing, your audience will surely understand what's being said.

  • You can use photos at times, and even insert some short videos. These will make the presentation more interesting and realistic. Just make sure that the video clips are just that - clips. Lengthy videos can lessen your audience's interest.

  • If you're going to use slides, don't make them text-heavy. There should only be enough information on them. Choose a slide design that's appropriate for your target audience. If you're talking to business people, better keep it simple and plain. Colorful slides should be confined to a younger audience.

  • Do not overdo your animation, you're not making a comic cartoon movie. The animation must help you, not distract the audience's attention away from you. You must maintain professionalism. Make handouts of what you will be presenting, so your audience can keep up even if they may have missed some points.

Make a continuous effort to learn animation schemes, so you'll have something new to use every time you have to make a marketing presentation. As long as you know your material, and you use animation effectively, you'll be the master of marketing presentations in no time at all.


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