How To Understand the Benefits of Using Postage Machines

Businesses nowadays need constant communication and correspondence with their clients and partners. To do so, they require mail services everyday. The U.S. Postal Service has implemented the use of postage machines to save businesses time and money.

Whether you're in countries like the Philippines, Greece, U.S., Canada, etc., queues are constant in post offices with people lining up just to buy their postage stamps and send their mail. Waiting in line costs time. Add this to the time spent in driving to the post office. How can postage machines help you? Here are some benefits of using them: 

  • You will avoid the need to make several trips to the post office to send out your mail or buy your stamps. The postage machines provide the convenience of doing all your mail and postage services in your own place. No more wasting time due to constantly going around the city, and no more wasting gas on your car every time you are caught in traffic.
  • You won't have to lick stamps anymore. Digital postage meters will allow you to print internet postage stamps that are accepted by the USPS. You can also use postage meters that make printed marks through postage ink that serve as stamps.
  • A postal meter will minimize costs due to wastage of traditional stamps. You don't have to worry about accidentally losing your stamps or wonder where you've placed those tiny pieces of paper. No more worrying about unused stamps that are accidentally spilled with liquid. Most of all, no more pilferage of unused stamps by your staff or colleagues.
  • Using postage scales will give you the exact amount of postage required to send your package. Naturally, people tend to overpay for their postage because they don't know the exact cost to mail their package. With mailing machines, you can also prevent the occurrence of returned mail and packages due to insufficient postage stamps.
  • Postage machines are not for sale. They are leased, and because of that, you won't have to declare these postage machines as assets in your financial statements if you are in business. Instead, these machines will be reflected as a regular lease expense in your records and thus, you'll save on the mandatory taxes. 
  • You can buy your postage anytime online, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You don't have to wait for office hours to open. Naturally, postage meters are built to hold at most US$1,000 in postage and are capable of sending express, priority and first class mail. You can refill your postage anytime.
  • Your postage meters are constantly updated every time changes to USPS pricing are made. Digital postage meters are automatically updated when connected online. You may also check the USPS web site for any changes. Some meters will use an upgraded chip that will format the machines with the correct postage.

In conclusion, postage machines will save you time, money and effort on all your mailing service needs. Even businesses that send minimal amounts of mail can gain the benefits of having a postage machine.


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