How To Use Bright House Digital Services

Life is brighter indeed with Bright House Networks. One of America’s largest multiple system operators and a trusted cable television company, Bright House is stationed in Syracuse, New York and offers services to cities and areas like Tampa Bay, Indianapolis, Central Florida, Detroit, Birmingham-Hoover, Bakersfield, and Lakeland. The majority of the business is concentrated in Central Florida, where Bright House reigns as the dominant cable system provider. Here’s an overview of the services they provide.

Digital cable television

Switch to a Bright digital house and cable house! Bright House is known to offer only the best and the latest innovations in digital TV entertainment. Choose from more than a hundred channels including movie channels, cartoons, sports channels, music channels, children’s networks, feature channels, news networks, lifestyle channels, etc. With excellent audio and crystal clear images, you’ll feel like you’re a part of the action on TV. Its interactive feature also allows you to pause, fast-forward, and rewind live television. And unlike satellite TV, no weather interruption can dampen the spirit of entertainment. The digital video recorder feature (DVR) allows you to personalize what you want to watch. With the use of the DVR remote, you can record your favorite TV programs especially when you’re busy, and watch them whenever you want to. Get to schedule house chores and work and still watch your favorite program like House (MD). You also get to keep your recordings without the need for stacks of CDs, DVDs, or videotapes. The Video-on-Demand option allows you to choose from a wide selection of movies you can watch anytime at a minimal extra charge. A bonus feature parents will love is the parental controls. Parents get the privilege of restricting specific channels and shows they definitely don’t want their kids to watch.

Digital phone service

Bright House offers the easiest and most affordable home phone service that allows you to get in touch with anyone in an instant. Popular calling features include call waiting, caller ID, and voice mail. Added services include unlimited nationwide calling, affordable rates for international calls, efficient 24/7 customer service, and enhanced 911 services. What makes Bright House services very special is that when you avail of more than one of the services they provide, you’ll receive one monthly billing statement—integrating payment for all their services that you are using. Plus, their excellent 24/7 customer service includes field and office services—through phone and online.

High-speed Internet

Go online and be a Bright network house! Bright House allows you to connect to the Internet in the fastest, most hassle-free way possible. You get to choose the speed you want even a speed of up to 10 mbps—way faster than DSL and dial-up, with an assurance of uninterrupted connection 24 hours, 7 days a week. The latest anti-virus programs included in the package ensure you safety and security. Active spam blockers save you time by handling spam and junk mail. Other features you can choose to add are home networking options and multiple email accounts, which can allow you up to 5 GB of storage space, 25 mailboxes (more than enough for one family!), functional mailbox management tools, online address books, and even parental controls.

Get a bright lifestyle and a bright home with Bright House Network digital services.


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