How To Start Businesses with Little or No Initial Investment

Do you want to get started on your own business, but have no money to invest? Don't let that get you down. You should now be thinking in terms of starting a business venture with less investment initially rather than give up on your idea of starting on a business enterprise. A successful businessperson is one who thinks of creative ways to do business.

Business with no or little investment needed? You are skeptical? There are not many businesses, which come to mind, but there definitely are a few of them that one can start off this way. The approach has to be that of getting started and then subsequently your business drive and success at the small scale that you have started, will urge you on to bigger scales. Let us say that you start on supplying homemade preserves to a couple of big supermarkets and then when your products start moving and customers start asking for more, big orders start and you will get the investment you need for expansion on the basis of these orders and future business prospects.

Research clearly shows that in today's world it is indeed possible to initiate one's business with less investment and make a success of it too. Here is how to start some businesses with little or no investment:

Home Based Businesses where all you would need is a computer and an internet connection.

  • Data Entry
  • Tutoring
  • Call centre agency like WSI
  • Music and tutoring for music - piano, vocal or other instruments
  • Dance and tutoring
  • Cooking - baking , making preserves, cooking full courses and making a business by offering these products either online or at local markets
  • Day care for children
  • Selling insurance or personal finance products for and on behalf of financial institutions
  • Freelance activity on any skill that you have previous experience from the corporate world in like software programming, ghost writing for authors, copy editing or writing for advertising companies, proofreading etc.

Other Businesses

  1. Hobbies which can be translated to business ideas like:
    • Cooking leading to catering
    • Dance, music and teaching these at clubs, cultural centers
    • Gardening
    • Sport and its coaching
    • Babysitting
    • Portrait painting
  2. Home cleaning or maintenance service
  3. Garden or Lawn maintenance service
  4. Janitorial or office maintenance service
  5. Walking pets
  6. Doggy day-care
  7. Ceramics into a ceramic cup making , garden of flowers into cut flowers business
  8. Language skills tutoring or even translating
  9. Tutoring students on subjects

Remember that any business already has an investment even if there is no financial capital invested; that investment is its most precious investment...and that's the entrepreneur. The entrepreneur brings to the business his skill sets, efforts, energy and time and is the most valuable asset to any business enterprise. Education is also critical; investing in online courses and even degree programs in business management for key staff will serve any company well.

This is just a beginning - the list can expand depending on your specific skills or interests.


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