How To Buy Greeting Cards in Wholesale Lots

Greeting cards

Even today, in what might rightly be thought of as the technological age, when it is entirely possible to just email cards to family, friends or associates for free when you want to greet them for something, the traditional greeting card has still not lost its tender clutch on people, and most keep sending them by hand or by mail. This is probably because a card sent through an email doesn't seem personal or even real enough for some people, or perhaps it's that they want their sentiment to be present in a physical form, and not just something translated into bytes on a screen, but something that can be directly touched by the sender and the receiver both.

Regardless, greeting cards, while some might argue they are old-fashioned, have never gone out of style. So if you're a retailer who wants to make a bit of money in an almost sure investment, then save a corner in your gift shop for greeting cards. If you're interested in providing your customers with a variety of cards to choose from, you might want to look for your cards online, since there are a lot of online vendors who are willing to offer you a deal when you buy from them wholesale. These are just some of the better sites you might want to browse in for cards:

  • was founded by Andrew Shaffer in 2007 as a division of the Order of St. Nick, which publishes funny and attention-grabbing cards, some of which have been featured in ‘The Colbert Report' on Comedy Central and ‘The Early Show' on CBS. As of today, Wholesale-Cards has over 200 unique-looking designs to choose from. Wholesale-Cards is a good choice to look at first when you're hunting for a birthday card, but it also offers Christmas cards and other holiday cards to help people celebrate the occasion.
  • Leanin' Tree. Though the site is relatively new, this family-owned card publishing company has been around since 1949, and they've been dedicated to creating beautiful, heart-warming cards ever since. They also have a standing commitment to help save the Earth, so their cards and envelopes are printed on recycled paper, though the quality is still good. From the 4 Western Christmas cards when they originally started, they now offer over 3,000 greeting cards: thank you cards, cards to remember birthdays and holidays and everyday occasions, etc. They also put a lot of stock on sentiment, so if you want cards with wholesome, thoughtful messages that leave a warm, fuzzy feeling, obviously designed with care by people and not just software, this is the place to look.
  • Raspberries. This is a vendor that specifically sells greeting cards wholesale, and they offer a pretty fun, unique line that aims to give humor. If you're worried about returns, Raspberries offers their customers a 100% return privilege, which they say is because they're confident that their cards will sell. If you're looking for light-hearted cards, this is one of the places to check.

Remember to always look at the bottom of your web browser for the secure lock before actually buying anything, just to make sure that your payment information isn't compromised.


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