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  • How To Design an Export Invoice

    Each country that you export goods to will have requirements you will have to adhere to, so that the export invoice sent to your customer will be processed.
  • How To Create Your Home Office in a Closet

    If space is really tight at home, you will have to look for home office alternatives. For example, you can convert a closet into space for your home office needs.
  • What are Eyelets

    Because eyelets are used mainly for decorative purposes today, new eyelets are made using a variety of other metal materials and with a number of shapes and colors.
  • How To Create and Print Punch Cards

    Punch cards are much like discount cards, which when used in your store for purchases or using particular services, have holes punched in them.
  • How To Declutter an Office

    The work environment is an important element that affects the level of productivity at the office. Declutter your office, and you will work better, with less stress.
  • How To Prepare a Fingerprint Scanner

    If you are considering installing a fingerprint scanner in your home or office, here’s how to prepare it.
  • How To Prepare Paperwork for Scanning

    Scanning paperwork can take a lot of time depending on the number of documents to be scanned and the scanning capability of your scanner.
  • How To Organize Office Paperwork

    If an army is said to move on its stomach, an office moves through its printers and photocopiers. This article will help you with the mess of organizing office paperwork.
  • How To Prepare a Process Map

    A process map is an excellent tool to help break down a complicated process or procedure into clear visual steps.
  • How To Create a Product Roadmap

    Using a product roadmap will guide you in creating an efficient product that will do well in the market and which will be developed in the proper time.
  • How To Create a Process Map the Easy Way

    Here’s how you can make sense of all the symbols and create an efficient and functional process map.
  • How To Create a Printable Monthly Bill Organizer

    You can use a monthly bill organizer to budget your monthly income and make a savings plan along the way. Here’s how.
  • How To Conquer Your Paper Piles

    There is a way out of your paper pile. Getting organized is easier for some than others, but you must do it to control the amount of paper piles you have stacked around.
  • How to Move Your Paper Processing Mobile

    In this article we show you just how easy and cost effective it can be to move all your paper processing to a mobile digital environment.
  • How To Select the Best Barcode Scanner for Your Application

    There are two conflicting views about the best technology for a handheld barcode scanner: laser and imaging techniques.
  • How To Know if RFID is Right for You

    There are 10 main questions that will help you determine your RFID application's ROI, whether your scrutiny is intentional or involuntary.
  • How To Change the Film in a Laminating Machine

    The main material used in a laminating machine is a laminating film. Two laminating films will be used, placed on top and at the bottom of the photo or the document.
  • How To Choose Ergonomic Office Furniture

    It may cost more upfront to buy ergonomic office furniture, but it is a wise investment in the long run. Here's what to look for.
  • How To Make Your Own Address Labels

    Creating your own address labels gives you the liberty to design the layout, choose the fonts as well as the type of label sheet paper to use.
  • How To Check Slide Projector Reviews

    There are many different brands of slide projectors, each boasting of the greatest features at the best prices in ads and reviews.
  • How To Save Money when You Buy an Office Printer

    When buying a new printer, you should be aware of the different strategies you could use to save money for your office.
  • How To Find a Business Broadband Provider

    If your business has yet to exploit the advantages of the Internet, here are ways to choose the right broadband provider.
  • How To Choose Business Stationary

    Business stationery commonly includes letterhead, mailing envelopes, and business cards. These are the basic components of your stationery package.
  • How To Choose a Home Office Desk

    Choosing the right desk is essential to getting things done and increasing your productivity in the home office.
  • How To Buy a Typewriter

    The computer and printer have taken center stage as word processors, but there are still plenty of uses for the typewriter.
  • How To Buy Supplies for a Small Catering Business

    A small catering business may be a manageable entrepreneurial endeavor, but you would still need to have supplies to make sure that your business runs smoothly.
  • How To Buy Discount Business Cards

    Whether you are a professional or you operate your own business, having your own business card is essential to grow your network of clients and fellow professionals.
  • How To Use a Laser Cutting Machine

    Designs and text engraved in wood, glass, paper, and even epitaphs on gravestones need a well-designed and properly engineered laser cutting machine.
  • How To Buy a Kneeling Chair

    The best solution to care for your back is getting a kneeling chair. A kneeling chair is a type of chair that is designed with ergonomics in mind.
  • How To Buy an Architect's Eraser

    An architect’s eraser, popularly known as an electric eraser, is a tool used in eradicating errors caused by artistic media, such as pencils and ink, on blueprints.
  • How To Start Learning the Computer

    As you become more computer savvy, you will soon come to realize how valuable and useful your computer is and how much it will make your life easier.
  • How To Buy a Fax Machine for a Home Office

    Adding a fax machine for your home office is a sign of progress for your business. And since it’s for business, you should also make sure it’s a good investment.
  • How To Make Folder Labels

    Folder labels will make it easier for you to organize your files. Also label each drawer and filing system, and list the files that each contain.
  • How To Start a Website for Your New Business

    Setting up a business online is actually very simple. Below are ways you can do to start your own website.
  • How To Make Cheap Professional Stationery

    Professional stationery is a must if you belong to the corporate world. If your company does not provide you with stationery, you can make your own.
  • How To Buy X-Ray Equipment

    X-ray equipment takes images of our internal organs, bones and muscles through a form of radiation. The machine will shoot a burst of radiation rays into the body part...
  • How To Use an Exchange Recovery Tool

    One of the key features of exchange recovery software is mailbox recovery. In case of an exchange server outage, you can sill retrieve your email messages.
  • How To Buy Refurbished Office Equipment

    When your budget is tight, consider refurbished office equipment. This method can save money and outfit an office with the most needed equipment more quickly.
  • How To Buy Software for Contract Writing

    If your business requires regular submittals of written contracts, software for contract writing saves time and reduces errors.
  • How To Find Plans for Your Computer Desk

    Whether your computer desk should have a classic look or a sleek modern design, you can surely find the design of your choice by searching online.
  • How To Make a Professional Business Card

    If you are involved in several transactions, business, personal or otherwise, you definitely need to be able to offer your very own professional business card.
  • How To Use a Credit Score Calculator

    One can actually use a credit score calculator to evaluate one's own credit merits. Here are some tips.
  • How To Find a Risk Ratio Calculator

    A risk ratio calculator can be an invaluable tool for people who want to arrange a mess of quantifiable variables into something more concrete and tangible.
  • How To Make a Look Book

    A look book is a collection of designs or product lines. Fashion designers use look books to show off a line of their own designs. They are also referred to as fashion...
  • How To Assemble a Cubicle

    If you are setting up an office in the city, you will face the problem of limited office space. By assembling cubicle walls, you will maximize scarce space resources.
  • How To Establish Digital Asset Management

    Digital asset management is all about how to capture, store and access your digital information. This can be a critical point for many companies.
  • How To Get Deals on Glassine Envelopes

    Glassine envelopes are made of translucent paper and commonly used for stamp storage. Here are some websites that offer glassine envelopes for cheap prices.
  • How To Load a Garvey Pricing Gun

    Garvey Products, Inc. is one of the many manufacturers of retail supplies, and Garvey pricing guns are used to make printing and applying price labels easier and faster.
  • How To Choose Packaging Tape

    There are different types of packaging tape that can be used for different surfaces. There are pressure sensitive tapes, sealing tapes, gaffers tape, acrylic tape and...
  • How To Print Pages Back to Back

    Printing a page is easy, but printing back to back pages can leave you with some questions. Here is how you can print pages back to back.