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  • How To Choose a Direct Mail List Broker

    Trying to find direct mail list brokers? Get tips for tracking the success of a direct mail campaign. Here's how to choose a direct mail list broker.
  • How To Conduct a Trademark Search

    In order to verify that the image or text you intend to use as your corporate trademark is not already a registered trademark, you can conduct a trademark search.
  • How To Conduct a Publicity Campaign

    The rules of how to conduct a publicity campaign are fairly simple but essential, and how you apply those publicity guidelines will determine the success of your...
  • How To Market Your Invention

    Now that you've finally perfect the invention you've worked so hard on, you need to get it out there in the marketplace. No one will buy it if they don't know it exists!
  • How To Identify a Target Market

    Every product and service has a target market. Whether your company succeeds with that product depends on how well you identify that target market.
  • How To Write a Brochure About Yourself

    Need help making a brochure? Get tips for designing and writing a brochure. Here's how to write a brochure about yourself.
  • How To Write a Communication Strategy Memo

    A business communication memo often comes after a change of company policy and must be concise. Here are tips on how to write a communication strategy memo.
  • How To Write a Business Announcement

    Here's how to write a business announcement which is also a good way of attracting new clients and potential customers, even investors, to your business.
  • How To Write a Byline

    A company byline is essential for promoting your business. Bylines are not complicated to write, but you have to focus on what you want customers to know about you.
  • How To Sell TV Air Time

    Persuading your clients to use TV for advertising requires overcoming their fears that TV is too expensive and won't boost their business. You can change their minds.
  • How To Write an Ad to Sell Internet Marketing Products

    Follow these ad copy tips to write an ad properly targeted to sell your internet marketing product specifically to your target consumers.
  • How To Write an Advertising Script

    Companies achieve high sales rate amidst tough competition because of effective advertising. Here are some tips on how to write an advertising script.
  • How To Advertise a Book on a Poster

    One of the most effective marketing tools that you can employ to advertise and promote your book to consumers is through a well designed and appealing book poster.
  • How To Advertise a Furniture Store

    If you are managing a furniture store and you are looking for effective advertising options, then here are some that you can tinker with.
  • How To Write a Website Slogan

    Your website is the front door of your online business. A clever but meaningful slogan will bring more customers to your site and add to your success.
  • How To Write a Telemarketing Script

    Writing a script for your telemarketing campaign requires some psychology. How can you get the consumer interested in why you're calling? Read on!
  • How To Start a Trade Show Business

    Interested in starting a trade show business? Get tips for running trade shows. Here's how to start a trade show business.
  • How To Increase Business at a Pub

    Owning your own pub can be satisfying if that's your dream, but you need to take action to attract customers to make your business profitable.
  • How To Get Product Exposure Through Movie Product Placement

    Embedded marketing through movie product placement is an expanding field for product publicity and can generate enormous positive product exposure in little time.
  • How To Get Bonded for a Cleaning Business

    Interested in getting your cleaning business bonded? Get tips to apply for a surety bond. Here's how to get bonded for a cleaning business.
  • How To Find Games to Play at Tupperware Parties

    Tupperware nearly sells itself at Tupperware parties, but if you make the event more fun with games to play at the Tupperware party, you can increase your sales.
  • How To Find a Great Niche Market

    Niche marketing has become popular mainly because of its fast turnaround time and effectiveness for almost any business, and finding a great niche market is easy.
  • How To Run a Successful Email Campaign

    To run a successful email campaign, you need to consider the following factors before you start sending emails out.
  • How To Encourage New Customers to Try Your Product

    Getting the attention of new customers is one story, and motivating them to try your product is another.
  • How To Revamp a Business' Marketing Strategy

    If you feel that your business' sales could do with some improvement, one of the first things you might need to revamp will be your marketing strategy.
  • How To Promote a Sale

    People love to buy anything that is on sale. To promote a sale means simply to encourage this love and give them more reasons to buy from you.
  • How To Design a Fashion Logo

    A fashion logo is an essential part of a fashion business because it provides an identity, catches the attention and imprints on the customer's memory.
  • How To Promote a Construction Company

    If you have just started your own construction company and have completed all the requirements to have a business name and license, it is time to promote your business.
  • How To Design a Successful Nightclub Logo

    If you are just starting out with your nightclub, your top priority will be to increase your patronage, and a nightclub logo will be an essential promotional tool.
  • How To Promote a Makeup Artist Business

    To promote a makeup artist business, you have to make yourself known to as many people as possible while imparting a good image of yourself and your services.
  • How To Promote a Bakery

    There are several ways you can promote a bakery, but the first step in promoting any business is to make sure you have a name that is significant to your establishment.
  • How To Purchase Residential Addresses for Mass Mailing

    Mass mailing is an effective type of marketing campaign, and list brokers provide companies with thousands of residential addresses for lease or for purchase.
  • How To Project Profit and Loss

    Most businesses hire an accountant to do the profit and loss projections for them. However, you can easily project company finances on your own.
  • How To Design a Pamphlet

    Designing a pamphlet is easy to do if you start out right. Everything begins with your clear understanding of the overall context and purpose of your pamphlet.
  • How To Design a Logo Umbrella

    The focus of this article is on designing a logo umbrella that you can use for your corporate advertising.
  • How To Design a 3-Column Flyer

    There are several tools on most computers that would greatly help you in designing a 3-column flyer. If you're looking for tips on how to go about this project, read on.
  • How To Create a Window Display

    With a window display, you are giving passersby the opportunity to get an idea about what kind of business or what kind of treatment they might get from you.
  • How To Demonstrate a Product to New Customers

    A product demonstration can be tricky. It requires sales and marketing skills as well as presentation skills to be able to demonstrate a product to new customers.
  • How To Design a Great Flyer

    You don't want to design a flyer just to find all your copies in a trashcan. Consider these factors when designing and you'll be on your way to creating a great flyer.
  • What is a Sales Pitch

    A good marketing or sales person usually has an effective sales pitch to close sales.
  • How To Conduct a Weekly Sales Meeting

    A weekly sales meeting can be very beneficial, however, there is such a thing as an ineffective sales meeting. Here are tips on how to conduct a weekly sales meeting.
  • How To Create Flower Shop Displays

    The best way to set up a flower shop display is to put yourself in the shoes of your clients.
  • How To Create an Outstanding Brochure Design

    There are several methods that you can combine to create an interesting and well designed brochure that will pique the interest of your potential customers.
  • How To Create a Business Ad on Craigslist

    Creating a business ad on Craigslist is very straightforward. You will just need to look for the best place to post your ad, then type in an attractive ad.
  • How To Create a Clothing Catalog

    Whether you are running a traditional clothing store, or selling wares online, you will need to create a clothing catalog to showcase all your items being sold.
  • How To Create a Company Brochure

    A company brochure can be important in marketing your company to prospective investors or advertising your brand and services to potential clients.
  • How To Prepare a Business Plan & Project Proposal

    The only way to get an investor to pour money into your venture is by presenting him a well-prepared business plan and project proposal.
  • How To Prepare Pro Forma Financial Statements for a Business Plan

    Pro forma financial statements are necessary when mapping out a business plan.
  • How To Prepare for a Press Conference

    Holding a press conference is one of the best promotions you can do for a product or service, or to establish a certain agenda.
  • How To Prepare a Tear Sheet

    A tear sheet is a good marketing tool for writers. It is proof that you are a published writer and that you have diverse knowledge about various subjects.