How To Choose the Right City for IT Jobs

The IT industry in America has seen a dramatic downward trend for the past few years primarily due to outsourcing. While in the past, IT experts in the country were the top earners in the entire work force, what with their six-figure incomes and the abundance of job and business opportunities, now they have become more like other workers struggling with the competition. In previous years, IT professionals were like demi-gods who lorded it over with supremacy. Seemingly, they had control and were able to change this planet even as IT companies started to sprout, the most prominent of which are Microsoft, Google and Netscape.

Unfortunately, the glory days of the IT monopoly started to fade as investors found a cheaper way of running their respective trades, by outsourcing. So now IT professionals have to scout for better prospects. And the best way to find the best opportunity is by exploring for the right city for IT jobs.

The current recession is the first thing to be considered in choosing the right city for IT jobs. Economic status differs from city to city and from state to state. A few cities are coping fairly well with the financial crisis, while many others are wrestling to attain monetary balance. Also, still dependent on the economy of a particular place - the availability of IT jobs is affected by priority ventures of a particular city. For instance, finding IT jobs in smaller cities may be not be as easy as in bigger cities, because job markets in the former are relatively low owing to the population size.

But despite these recent struggles, hopes remain high. The U.S. is a vast country with endless opportunities, and therefore downturns are just temporary.

If you are an IT professional searching for the right city for IT jobs, the best way to find one, naturally, is through Internet searches. You can actually use city profiles as the springboard of your search. City profiles are usually extensive and provide information on demography, population, business opportunities and available jobs.

Choosing the right city for IT jobs is also like choosing the right place for any job, taking the following in consideration:

Stable market for IT jobs

- Job permanence

- Salaries

- Job benefits

- Retirement options

- Living conditions

Of course these are applicable only if you are searching for a company-based IT job. However since many IT jobs are commonly in consulting, you may opt for contractual engagements instead of taking on full-time employment status. It all depends on your personal preferences and objectives.

If you want to zero down your choice for the right city for IT jobs, consider the following cities: Salt Lake City (the number one city in the U.S. with respect to availability of jobs); New York and San Francisco (with remarkable job growth over the past three years); Oklahoma City (with its unprecedented income growth); and San Jose, California.

Of the cities mentioned, New York remains a haven for massive opportunities. On the other hand, while San Jose, California may have an impressive list for IT jobs, its lofty living standards prove to be a setback.


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