How To Do Clerical Jobs from Home

Many working mothers dream of resigning from their jobs and concentrating on working from home. Working from home would give them the freedom to earn a living while being always present for their children. Are there jobs that one can do from home? Yes, there are and clerical jobs are just a few of them.

Clerical jobs pertain to a wide range of more specific administrative jobs. Here are just a few examples of clerical jobs that you can do from home:

  1. Data entry. Data entry jobs are perfect for people who are well versed with computer software, especially word processing programs. Data entry specialists type text and data into the computer. Another requirement of the job is having a more than average typing speed. Normally, data entry jobs are paid according to output, or the amount of data that is entered into a prepared template or document, while other employers pay their data entry specialists by the hour. Typing jobs are also examples of data entry jobs.

  2. Administrative assistance. Administrative assistants working at home are called virtual assistants. They use their office administration skills in supporting their employers' administrative needs. Their clients are usually small business owners who either cannot afford to hire a regular secretary or the administrative work of the business is not so much as to need a full-time clerical assistant. Being a work-at-home administrative assistant is almost the same as being a secretary in the office. An administrative assistant organizes the boss' schedule, responds to email, and encodes business correspondence letters. The work-at-home administrative assistant has the freedom to have as many clients or employers as he or she can handle, unlike when working in an actual office.
  3. Medical transcription. If you are familiar with medical terms and you are well versed in using the computer, then this job is perfect for you. Medical transcription employees are the ones who transcribe or type medical data that are often recorded as voice files. These voice files are often recordings of doctors at work. The medical transcriptionists listen carefully to these recordings and encode them as written data for filing. This is why knowledge of medical terms is required in getting a medical transcription job. There may also be additional computer accessories needed like a pedal controller for rewinding and pausing playback of voice files while typing data.

  4. Real-time captioner. Have you seen captions appear on popular programs on TV? Deaf viewers heavily rely on these captions so they can understand what they are seeing even without sign language. Real-time captioners provide these captions. These employees are experts in the steno language and they write each spoken word in steno on a steno machine seconds after it is spoken. The steno machine translates the symbols into words, and these words are fed into the live programming. There are now work-at-home real-time captioner jobs available. Like medical transcription jobs, additional computer accessories are required for this job. You will need to have a steno machine and a phone line dedicated only to transmitting the captions to the client.

Work-at-home clerical jobs are one of the perks of living in a highly technological era. With the appropriate clerical skills, a computer, and additional machines, you can conveniently earn a living while staying at home with your family.


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