How To Compare Laminating Machine Models


Laminating machines are devices that allow you to preserve your paper documents. Laminating machines cover the document with a transparent plastic cover. This makes your documents waterproof. It also keeps the documents from being folded and smudged. There are different types of laminating machines that can be used at home or in the office.

Here are some of the types and models of laminating machines:

  1. Flatbed Laminating Machine (Meyer KFK-C) – The flatbed laminating machine is a large piece of laminating equipment that is mostly used to laminate large materials. This type of laminating machines is seen in factories or in offices. There are also different heating temperatures available for the flatbed laminating machine. The materials that are going to be laminated pass through an entrance and exit conveyor. One of the best brands of flatbed laminating machines that has great reviews is Glenro. They also have laminating supplies.
  2. Fully Automatic Laminating Machine (FANG GUANG  Model: SGFM-1100) – This laminating machine is also mostly used in big companies or factories that do mass laminating jobs. The laminating machine can be controlled by using the touchscreen. This is considered a seal laminator that keeps the item being laminated sealed all over with the laminating film.
  3. Dry Laminating Machine (DL-1000/1300) – This machine is used for industrial settings. Some of the materials used with this machine include the plastic, the paper-plastic and the aluminum-plastic laminating pouch. This machine uses two types of gluing mechanisms namely, cobwebbing roll sizing and rubber roll gluing.
  4. Home Laminating Machine (3M Heat-Free Laminating Machine) – This type of laminating machine is used for the house. It is for laminating small materials, such as pieces of paper, IDs, tags, tickets, etc. Home laminating machines can be bought from Walmart at different prices, but for less than a hundred dollars. The ideal laminating pouch for this type of laminating machine is the Staples laminating pouch.
  5. Semi-Automatic Laminating Machine (FANG GUANG Model: YFML) – This laminating machine can be operated by one person. It is mostly used in laminating offices or businesses. This laminating machine ensures that the laminated item will come out smoothly and will not have any air pockets. The machine also has a useful feature that cuts the laminating film and also adds some perforations to the items that are laminated.

These are some of the brands of popular laminating machines that are used in factories, homes, businesses and other industrial settings. Laminating documents will help preserve them longer. Paper will not be crumpled and writing will not be smudged when it is laminated. This is why a lot of people choose to laminate various documents that are important to them. People who operate large lamination machines should always be careful in handling the laminated material and the machines as they may give off heat that can be dangerous. There are also some models of laminating machines that are heat-free. They are usually used for the home so that kids can laminate without the risk of getting burnt.


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