How To Find Compression Spring Manufacturers

There are so many types of springs out there, such as compression springs, coil springs, constant springs, torsion springs and extension springs. It's important that you know which kind of spring you'd need to work with in order to ensure the optimal performance of the mechanism you are working with. This article would deal mostly with compression springs, and the spring manufacturers that supply them.

First of all, what is a compression spring? Compression springs are evenly-spaced helical coils that are typically made of round wiring, and which can resist compression tension. They are made to store energy from a "push" force, as opposed for example to extension springs which offer resistance to a "pull" force. Although the straight metal coil spring is the most common compression spring, there are yet many other different types including different shapes such as conical (convex), cylindrical, and hourglass (concave) springs; springs may also differ in other factors such as coil spacing, the material used, the type of wire, the spring force, the stress levels and the dimensions.

The compression spring is mostly used in consumer and trade applications, as well as in the automotive, mechanics and aerospace industries. So what are the different manufacturers that supply these types of springs?

  • One example of such a spring manufacturer would be Ace Wire Spring and Form Company, Inc in PA. This company has been ISO 9001-2000 certified since 1998, thus ensuring the high quality of their spring products. When you're ordering from their company, it's important that you know the specifications you need to work with: these specifications would include the length, the number of coils, the wire size, the frequency of compression and the diameters. You could also specify for the finish you prefer.

    If you visit their website at, you would get more information as to how to determine the specifications that are just right for you. One example would be the formula for determining the rate for compression springs. You could also request a free quote by filling out the available online form.

  • Another spring manufacturer is Lee Spring, which you could visit at You could browse through their available compression springs catalogue; there, you can choose from the listed springs depending on the outside diameter, the hole diameter, the wire diameter and the free length. You could also choose the type of material you'd like: MW stands for Music Wire, SS or stainless steel, among others.
  • You could also try out Vanel at, where you could do a simple search of springs by choosing the available wire material (music wire, stainless steel, Cr-Si steel or zinc coated steel); the grinding; the wire diameter; the weight, etc. Another option for you is to do an advanced search, by specifying the exact measurements you would need such as for coil spacing, the hole diameter, etc.
  • If you want exact specifications, you could try out Century Spring Corporation at This website would allow you to fully customize your spring specifications, with regards to such dimensions as the total coils, solid height, free length, required working load, and tolerance.

To make sure that you have the exact spring specifications that you need and that your spring would work optimally, you could test them using available spring testers, such as those offered at Apart from the spring tester equipment, their sets come equipped with spring testing software that can test all kinds of springs.

These are just some of the companies that offer compression springs. Definitely you'd be able to find what you need from at least one of them. Good luck!


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