How To Create a Logo for Free

Starting a business can be fun and challenging at the same time. This is especially true for an entrepreneur. When starting a new business, marketing your idea, let alone your business, might take patience and perseverance. In order to get the word out about who you are and what your company is about, your business will need a company logo. A company logo can be costly, especially if it is being designed by a graphics design firm. This is why a business owner needs to look for ways to create a logo for free. If a start up company is looking for ways to save money, it has to start with creating a company logo for free.

These are some ways to create a logo for free without having to pay a graphics design firm:

Create the Logo Yourself: These days, the majority of individuals, entrepreneur's, small businesses and even large businesses have more than one computer. On their computer, they are more likely than not to have Microsoft Office installed. In the Microsoft Office Suite, they can find Microsoft Word. Microsoft Word is an amazing program. It does a lot more than word-processing. With this program, the business owner can create their own logo from scratch and from their imagination, for free. In this program, the business owner can add the Draw, Word Art and Picture toolbars to the bottom of their open Word document. With these toolbars active, a business owner can click on the word Draw and look at shapes they would like their logo to resemble. Or, they can click on the A (insert Word Art icon) and look at over ten word designs that can be used to create your own free logo. If you want a picture or photo for your company logo, you can upload a photo you have taken and make that your company logo.  All you do is click on the Insert Picture icon on the toolbar. This is the easiest free way anyone can create a logo.

Create a Logo with Lines:
If you like shapes and lines, create your logo for free using these features. The most popular shapes for any big name business are a circle, diamond, triangle or square. Some cities use a diamond in their city logo, while others use a triangle. Depending on what your company is selling, that is probably the type of shape you would want for your company logo. These shapes can easily be made with Microsoft Word, on your own. Or, you can use what is called an auto shape in the Microsoft Word program.

Create a Combination Logo: When making your own logo for free, it is wise not to go overboard. If your logo is too busy, a potential client might be more interested in your design than in your product or service. Now, this does not mean a free logo cannot have words, a shape or a picture/photo. So, if your company is for landscaping services, you might want a square like photo of a nicely cut lawn with flowers and the name of your company above or below the photo. Or, you can use whatever shape you like behind the photo of a nicely landscaped lawn. This would look great on a business card, flyer, website or blog.

Finally, there is no need these days to contract with a graphic design firm when you can do it yourself. In fact, there are free logo services, along with Microsoft Word, you can use online. One of these services is This logo service is absolutely free to any business owner. They provide logo categories from Animals to Fruit to Building and Writing.  Also, business owners are able to manipulate their own templates at

Being able to create a logo for free also gives the business owner a sense of pride. In fact, your clients might like your logo so much, they will ask you who made your logo. With pride, you can tell your clients you made the logo for free, on your own.


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