How To Create a Company Logo

When creating company logos, one has to be as creative as possible--you aren't just creating a logo, but a unique and memorable view into the company in question. Here's how to get started:

  • First, genuinely brainstorm about what the company does and who they are. Can you incorporate any aspect of this into your logo? For example, if designing for a juice company, is there anywhere you can put an orange in the design? If you're designing for a dog walking organization, is there anywhere you can incorporate a leash?


  • Think also about how professional the company is versus how fun. This will color the attitude of the logo, whether or not it should be more tight and rigid, or loose and colorful. Creating a logo for a company geared towards children is going to be completely different than creating one for a company geared towards professional adults.


  • Next, consider fonts for lettering. You want them to be both readable and unique. When creating the logo, attempt to steer clear of any "default" fonts that are often found with standard software, and instead scour the internet for downloadable fonts that are uncommon, clean and would work well with your concept. Don't use anything too elaborate or illegible. Remember that the end result needs to be to get a direct point across to the viewer. Try not to complicate things.


  • Next, take it to the drawing board. When creating company logos, it's important to come to the table with several options for your client to choose from, or so that they can take different aspects of each to combine together into a new logo. Make at least five variations on your original design, and be sure to remain open-minded. Remember that the customer is always (usually) right. You need to be willing to take cues and criticism from them in order to keep them satisfied.

Remember that it's also okay to start charging more if you are being expected to go above and beyond the call of designer duty. If you've been working for longer than is average, or if the client continues to change their mind, do not be shy to ask for more pay if the project has exceeded its allotted time-frame.

Creating a company logo should be a fulfilling experience, getting to see your client thrilled at what you've designed for them is a great feeling. Remember these tips, and your end result should be worth all the hard work you put into it.


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