How To Create Company Slogans

If your creativity has been tapped to create a slogan for a company, feel some pride - company slogans set the tone for how people will view a company, often for years to come.  To accomplish this task successfully, there are a few things to be considered.

First, you need to be intimately involved in the company to know their values, products, and personality.  You'll need to immerse yourself in the company, to feel you really know them from the inside out.  Once you feel you're on a familiar ground with the company needing a slogan, let the creative juices flow.  Since slogans are meant to epitomize the company in just a few words or a sentence, it's important to get right to the heart of the company without understating their values.  This can be done with humor, emotion, or simply stated facts.  It needs to be something that will stick in a consumer's mind, something they will remember easily and associate with the company's product every time without question.

Feel free to ask people within the company for ideas, as well.  A brainstorming meeting of the minds is a good way to get ideas and thoughts flowing; sometimes the best slogans come from an impromptu session with company representatives.  A  slogan shouldn't be something that is hard to put together, but rather free-flowing and friendly.  After all, the point of a company slogan is to represent the company and their product, whether it be a commercial product or an online item.

Once a slogan has been created and approved by the company in question, it then gets added to all marketing that goes out from that point.  Not only are the words and thoughts important, but also how they're packaged.  This is why an emblem or some other form of artwork should accompany the slogan; a lot of consumers associate a product with a company by symbol alone.  The marketing should feature the slogan prominently, and in a way that is eye-catching and pleasing to the people being marketed to, whether via television or print.  If the slogan is being marketed via radio, the slogan should immediately follow the company name or product.

A company slogan is a lot of things, but most importantly, it's the first impression the world sees of the company or products being marketed.  Your creativity and vision for the company are what helps sell the product or services being offered, so be proud!


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