How To Do Creative Fundraising

An incredible event that is outrageously unique is what a fundraiser needs to get the money for the charity or a group. Fundraising is not an easy job to do, but with creativity and if it does fit the organizations' cause, raising the needed money is always possible. Prior to staging the event, there must be a clear purpose why fundraising has to be done. People normally won't bother to spend their spare money if they know that their hard earned money will be put to valuable and meaningful project. Here are some creative fundraising ideas.

School based fundraising activities

  1. Gig for a Cause. The student council and alumni association could work together for this activity. Student groups could form a band and play for the night. If budget permits, the event organizer could invite a local band, which is the favorite of the youngsters. Ticket price should be affordable to the students. To have it an educational value, a member of the Alumni association could have a short talk regarding the importance of studying seriously and preparing for the world of work.
  2. Cake Auction. The student council or officers of any school organization could spearhead this fundraising activity. This could be done when the school is celebrating its Presidents' or founders' birthday. Starting bid should be the cost of the cake. Just make sure that the auctioneer has the persisting ability so that he could raise the price of the cake to the highest limit.
  3. Skills Showcase. The school and its faculty should spearhead this creative fundraising idea. This is a collaboration of everybody to make this event a success. A formal dinner for parents and other benefactors, even with a higher price than a normal fine dining restaurant will surely be supported because it is their children's work. When parents pride is at stake, price is not a problem.

Hotel and restaurant management students could be the group responsible for the menu preparation and serving the food. Other students could be assigned to decorate the venue. Business management students could be assigned in the ticket sales, marketing students for the ticket and poster layout and the marketing strategy itself. Fine arts students and students with music ability could be assigned for the entertainment during the dinner. Other group of students could be assigned to other work needed. Of course the school should be the one to finance the event.

Community based creative fundraising activities

  1. Family Picnic. The families will surely support this event. Family bonding is as important as other necessities in life. During the event, the participating family could sell their best prepared recipe to other participating families. The organizer should also provide games so that families could interact with each other, strengthen each family's relationship and have fun. The needed fund could be raised through entrance ticket plus there must be a minimal fee if the participating family will be selling something inside the picnic ground. Prizes in the games could be solicited from corporate sponsorships.
  2. Dance&Sing to the Groove. Dancing and singing are universal language to both young and old. Just make sure that a separate event is staged for the two different age groups. A singing and dance contest during the disco night is a sure hit for the disco fans.


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