How To Compare Cutting Machine Types

A number of cutting machines are available on the market. Each has features and capabilities of their own. To site a few, we have the following:

1. CNC Cutting Machine. A computerized numerical control (CNC) cutting machine has a quality slicing platform or table that covers the area of about 4 feet by 8 feet. The table handles adequately a normal 4 x 8 plate of metal, glass, plastic, wood, or stone. If the table lacks sufficient length or width the operator will repeatedly relocate the plate. For CNC cutting machine operators the repositioning is referred to as indexing. A CNC cutting machine can do both oxyfuel and plasma cutting. Other functions of a CNC cutting machine include dotting holes for easy drilling, drilling on aluminum, cutting the tubing and routing timber shapes.

Laser or water jet cutting are alterations on a CNC machine which are directed during installation of the equipment. The operator determines what will be cut by the machine so any modification or alteration may be done during installation. There are cutting machines that perform only straight cutting, or bevel cutting.

2.  Rubber Cutting Machine. Uncured rubber cannot be used. It has to be processed in order to become useful. In its processing, a cutting machine is used. The rubber cutting machine is used by large companies to manufacture products made of rubber. They are automated machines, which can be customized according to requirements. There are several types of cutting machines used for rubbers. They are shear cut, circumference cut, rotary cut, die cut, hot cut, multiple die cut, and drawing cut. Rubber cutting machines can cut single and many-layered rubber products, natural or synthetic, with high accuracy. These cutting machines can cut fibers, leathers, and rubber conveyor belts, plastics and other artificial materials.

3.  Plastic Cutting Machine. Plastics are processed crude products with high molecular heaviness and can be processed to become objects, films or threads. Special cutting machines are required for these materials. Laser plastic cutting tools are much needed these days. Plastic cutting with laser is a process using heat partition procedure. It involves fusion and evaporation of the material because of concentrated laser ray. In sublimation or evaporation cutting, the strength of the laser beam lets the substance evaporate; while in fusion cutting, the material combines and the combination is driven out by the working gas.

4.  Laser Cutting Machines. The laser cutting machine not only cuts plastics but can also be used to cut metals as well as non-metals including rubbers, ceramics, glass, and much more. Laser machines can be used as cutting tools for every kind of plastic products or raw material such as wood, cork, rubber, or leather.

All types of cutting machines undergo a wear and tear. The maker therefore needs to procure a machine with enough customer support. This support includes the presence of spare parts so that when the cutting machine needs repair and change of any part is required, there will be no wasted time for the machine to be reused.


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