How To Do Data Marketing as a Business

Knowledge is power and in today's information technology-driven world, ready access to data that is relevant to one's business or other needs is indeed a great time saver, appreciated by the consumer. Here's an overview of how to do data marketing - for more detailed information, you may want to enroll in an online class in marketing.

First, let us look into the advantages and merits of a business in data marketing.  You could do this in a couple of ways.  One way would be to aggregate business and industry relevant data in a user-friendly fashion and offer it for a price.  Another would be to acquire data from people who collate them or come by data in course of their business or activities, but would not have much use for the information themselves.

For example, let us say a sports goods manufacturer is interested in knowing how many golf enthusiasts are located in a particular area.  A ready source for this data would be the local golf courses, but that would tell you only how many members were listed with them, or may even give you an idea of guests of members that play regularly.  However, if as a data marketer, you were to collate a more comprehensive set of information from golf courses and golf stores, through mining data from co-lateral sources such as questionnaires in shopping plazas, etc. then your client the sports goods manufacturer would be very happy to have this comprehensive information from you.

Data marketing can have a very high value to its consumers who could be anyone looking for the relevant information, have the resources to pay for it but not have the time and infrastructure to collate the data.  Most business requires updated data relating to their customer base, competitors and rivals in the market, other developments that could have an impact on their business and so on.  Students working on University projects, business administration students preparing for a school business seminar will require data to substantiate findings in their thesis or project reports.  Oh, do not worry.  If you have the right data and have the ability to present it in an easily readable format, there is always a ready market waiting out there for you.

The success of a business in data marketing depends on hard work and a well laid out system of updating information to keep it current and valid.  No one will appreciate outdated data; imagine knocking on doors to find people having moved away or worse, were dead.

Additionally, a very large population in the world has come to rely on computers and uses them extensively.  So, it is but natural to expect that you should provide data in a computer friendly format.  Preferably, your data should be available on the internet.  There are various ways of securely encrypting or password protecting the data and allowing access only to registered or paid users.  Credit card and online electronic commerce gateways allow for instant payment mechanisms thereby allowing for instant access to data from the comfort of a person's home or office.

Conduct your business of data marketing effectively; achieve sufficient visibility through advertisements so that you are the first point of recall for your customers, existing or potential.  Other great marketing strategies can be learned through online marketing classes. Finally, offer quality data in an easy to read format and you'll have a good business going in data marketing.


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