How To Design your Company Notice Board

Everyday as we walk in our respective buildings and do our day to day office work, we often fail to notice the daily announcements, perks, and general news that our company has in store for us. If you are in a restaurant, you may have a noticed announcement boards at the counter, kitchen, etc. Some people are blinded by their own concerns, family problems, and a sleepless night, or maybe some individuals are just so busy that they miss out on the simple things and progress at our workplace being posted on a company’s notice board. 

A notice board is more commonly known as a bulletin board, where you can leave public messages for people. Its main use is to provide vital information to all who are concerned in a particular area, unit, school, hospital or building. Notice boards can also be used to advertise goods and services, buy and sell, announce different events and provide notifications to company employees. A centrally located notice board can promote communication between administration and employees and will contribute to a company’s unity and enhance productivity.

A company notice board should be located in a central and prominent position to display sign-up sheets, company news and announcements, and other pertinent information. It is a good and effective way to keep your employees posted on upcoming events and gatherings. Various company development news, notices and updates are vital in advancing communication within a workplace.

There are several types of notice boards that you may have come across. You may have seen a memo board, a chalkboard, a quartet board, corkboards, and white boards. They can be made out of wood, aluminum or other synthetic materials.

Here are some bulletin board ideas and tips that can help you design your own company notice board:

  • Create a theme when creating your own notice board. For a corporate look, a minimalist theme is much preferred. Your theme design may also depend on special holidays and events for that month (e.g., Christmas, Independence Day, Halloween, and Thanksgiving). You may also try playing with mosaics and magazine cutouts and see how that works for your bulletin board.
  • You may research design ideas over the Internet. Have all your materials ready before beginning a project. You will be using a lot of pins, cork boards, etc.
  • Cutout letters can be great ideas as well. It is vital that the letters are bold enough to read and can really catch the attention of the crowd.
  • Be creative with your borders. To keep your board from falling and breaking up, most bulletin boards are made out of cork or wood. You may add some cut out pictures or big letters and attach them to your borders. You may use glue or tape just to make sure that your things stick.

As the online trend is becoming more popular, notice boards are also digitally made these days. Web designs for bulletin boards are widely made available on the Internet. Technology has made things easier for gigantic businesses. They can now post announcements online even to their satellite offices. 


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