How To Find Dispute Resolution Services

The cost to litigate or to bring about and sustain an actual lawsuit is very high, not to mention the fact that a lawsuit could drag on for several years without a concrete guarantee of a favorable decision. Litigation can put a strain not only on your finances but also most especially on your peace of mind. It is high time that an acceptable alternative to litigation is slowly making a name of its own as a preferred method of settling controversies. This on the rise alternative is what is known as arbitration mediation or arbitration dispute resolution. We read about its wonders often in a newspaper or magazine, and yet it all seems so new still. Dispute resolution is executed with the least time consumed and with as little as possible in resource expenditures.

Arbitration or mediation is a process that is introduced to parties of an existing conflict. The government is favorable to having an actual dispute resolved and settled in this manner, because it minimizes costs on the government's part as well. The dispute resolution process is often very applicable to civil legal battles usually involving construction dispute, insurance claims and labor relations. Even controversies that the government is a party to can be subjected to mediation services. Even those who have participated in a previous mediation can again enter into another round of settlement dispute when they disagree once more.

A lawyer usually conducts mediation services, although accountants and psychologists may sometimes be eligible to conduct mediations as well, especially on areas concerning family laws. Most law firms are in fact offering mediation services to those who seek them. Moreover, anyone qualified can be a mediator. Qualifications for becoming a mediator vary from state to state. Usually private mediation can be done without any certification or any special license, however, most of these mediators do have some form of training or experience in the matter. Training is very much available for eligible persons who wish to become mediators.

Parties in conflict do not have to wait for a judge to direct them to mediation, they can, of their own accord, seek the services of a certified mediator in their area to help them and serve as a facilitator in the mutual goal of reaching an agreement to settle differences. In fact, mediation is an old way of settling disputes. Older than the judicial adjudication we now have in our system or society. The idea of sitting two parties down across from each other at the same table to settle their differences and reach a mutual decision has long been part of our civilized social structures. Mediation services are being revived once more in our modern times, because they have proved time and time again that it really works.

The figures show that 75% and more of all cases have been found to be effectively resolved by mediation services. Moreover, mediation and dispute resolution have caused a significant reduction in the number of cases clogging the court dockets, making these processes part of policy. They have become a better and more preferred method of seeking legal remedies.


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