How To Do a Corporate Search

Corporate searches are normally done by investors, potential shareholders and job seekers.  Information can include the date a company was founded, names of company officers, products and services, brands, the number of employees and even revenue figures.  The extent of information you want depends on what type of information you need.  It is easy to learn how to do a corporate search.  You just need to become familiar with certain search engines.  The largest search engine is Google.  Others include Yahoo, Lycos, AltaVista, and Bing.

You can pull up information on a company by going to any of these search engines.  Start with Google and Yahoo and collect as much information as you can.  Simply type the name of the company in the search box and a number of results will appear.  Start going through the different listings and jot down bits of information.  If you are doing a competitive analysis and need specific information, it may behoove you to print the information.  You may come across the company's actual web site during your search.  Be sure to peruse the corporation's website - especially the company's annual report and their About and/or History pages, if available - for additional information. If you are interested in a company's stock performance, you can go to Google Finance and enter the company's three-letter ticker symbol.  You can use Google Finance's zoom feature to look at a stock's performance going back as far as 10 years.

When you are finished garnering the basic information on the corporation, try searching for articles about the corporation.  You can do this by entering the corporation's name followed by the word "articles."  For example, if you want to find articles about P&G in Cincinnati, type in "P&G articles."  You can also type in "P&G revenue" or "New P&G acquisitions" if you want specific information on these particular topics.  If you want a list of all P&G products, type in "P&G products list"; in any of these cases, a number of search results will come up offering articles and other detailed information.  There is plenty of corporate information available online.  You just need to use a little ingenuity and conduct your searches according to the information you need.

Other online sources include and is actually an online version of the Thomas Register of American Manufacturers.  It lists information about most major corporations who manufacture and sell products through wholesale and retail channels. is a business directory.  You can look a corporation up by name, industry or by the type of products they sell.  You can also check sources such as for additional information and current news regarding the corporation.


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