How To Do an Employee Evaluation

Giving an effective employee evaluation is one way to make sure that all employees concerned work up to the company goals and standards.  There are a few things to keep in mind once you sit down with an employee to do an evaluation.  The evaluation should be as effective as possible while giving the employee a clear picture of her performance up to the present moment.

One thing that an employee likes to hear is praise for a job well done; give it to her in good measure.  Often, hearing the positives about her performance will make the employee open and more receptive when you begin to critique other areas that may need improvement.  Try to create a comfortable and relaxing environment to do an evaluation, and make sure it is in a private area.

After you critique a certain aspect of her job performance, allow the employee to give her feedback on the rating. There may be a very good reason for a low score or rating on a particular job duty.  Ask the employee if there is anything you can do to accommodate her in the future that will help improve her rating or score when it is time for the next employee evaluation.

Although this should be done when the employee is first hired, make sure that she has a complete job description.  If not, give her a new or updated version of the job description and go over it, or ask questions after ample reading time to make sure her duties are fully understood.  This also gives the employee a good idea of what the evaluation will be measuring, and what steps she can take to improve her performance.

Always keep in mind that an employee may not agree with you on some points of the evaluation.  Allow her to give her point of view by rating her own job performance and go over it together; if there are differences in opinion, include this in the employee’s file. Keeping a lighthearted approach during the evaluation will foster the communication process.

Employee evaluations are meant to keep the lines of communication open between employee and employer.  Employee evaluations also assist companies in reaching their goals financially and living up to the company’s mission statement.  When you do an employee evaluation, make it a positive experience for everyone.  A positive environment may very well improve morale and increase production overall.


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