How To Do Postcard Marketing

Postcard marketing is just one aspect of a successful marketing strategy. There are many reasons companies may choose to do postcard marketing.  Postcards are cheaper to mail, cheaper to produce and can be seen immediately by the recipient.  On average, about forty-four percent of all direct mailings go unopened.  That means nearly half of all "junk mail" is never read. The postcard is not mailed in an envelope and has a greater chance of being read.

There are certain components of postcard marketing that are necessary for ensuring maximum effectiveness.

You must have a visually appealing postcard with a strong headline.  The headline must immediately catch the attention of the reader and get them to read about your offer.  From there, the body of the postcard must be well-written and entice the recipient to "take action." Postcards are usually designed for garnering leads for your product or service.  Hence, action on the part of the recipient would be to call or e-mail for further details.

Postcards must be visually appealing to get attention.  Glossy postcards with color enhance the aesthetics of the postcard.  It gives your postcard a more professional look.  Postcards on colored stock, particularly canary, can also catch the attention of the reader.  Jumbo postcards can really enhance your postcard marketing campaign as they are almost impossible to miss.

Regardless of the headline, copy or way your postcard looks, the overall success of your postcard marketing campaign is contingent upon the mailing list you use.  If you are not mailing to the right prospects, your postcard mailing will not be successful.

There are many mailing list sources available.  The Direct Marketing Association is one of the largest.  Depending on what you are selling, you will need to pick a mailing list that is most closely associated with your offering.

If you sell vitamins by mail, you will want to purchase the names of "vitamin buyers."  Network marketers are avid users of postcard mailings. Since they are trying to recruit people to but their goods or use their services, they often buy lists of "opportunity buyers" because these people have been involved in the industry before.

You should test your postcard marketing campaign before expanding or adding it as a permanent part of your advertising mix. Start with 3,000 to 5,000 postcards.  Track the number of leads you garner from the mailing.  You can do this by keying it with the mailing date.  The key measure of success for any postcard marketing campaign will be the number of leads you convert into sales.   You can learn other ways to create and track new marketing strategies by enrolling in some online marketing courses.


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