How To Understand DVD Duplication Services

Media manufacturing and duplication is an industry that covers services including video duplication and replication; video digitalization; video conversion; duplication of flash drives; disc replication; CD duplication; CD pressing; CD manufacturing and replication; DVD duplication and replication; DVD production; and packaging solutions services.

There are a number of companies that offer replication services that can handle several products including feature film quantities. Usually a team of qualified experts and skilled professionals with backgrounds in audio and video post production, advertising, music recording and extensive production backgrounds are employed to deliver the service. The work that used to be limited to only video and audio cassette recording has now expanded to utilizing the latest in Blu-ray and HD DVD technology.

DVD replication services or Blu-ray replication processes is complex, but simplifies work done on instructional videos, documentaries, movies, corporate presentations and music projects. Regular users include movie and independent film producers, musicians, bands, and corporate clients who have a need for disc replication.

DVD duplication and replication is the most efficient process to copy over a thousand DVD's. Duplicates can be reproduced ranging from a menu driven DVD authoring format with a professional look or simply in an interface simple to use. DVD formats are normally duplicated in:

  • Blue-ray and HD, the newest and latest technology
  • DVD10 that has data on one layer of each side of the disc.
  • DVD9 using two layers of data in only one disc side.
  • DVD5 with data on one side of the disc and on a single layer.

There are companies that also offer a variety of options for DVD presentations and packaging, including basic card mailer types, jewel-effect cases, DVD digipaks, DVD cases, and DVD duplication into card sleeves. Some presentations are cheap and affordable, depending on the volume and option you choose.

For the DVD copiers, some companies use glass master equipments known as stampers. These stampers are used to make molds to reproduce discs. The pressing process guarantees the highest quality of discs produced and at the lowest price.

In choosing a company to deliver the DVD duplication services you need, consider the following criteria. Can the company:

  • Fulfill your orders for small and large scale distribution quantities as needed?
  • Provide information on how the replication process is done?
  • Quote competitive prices for bulk replication services?
  • Employ knowledgeable and professional staff that can give advice?
  • Handle commercial production of DVDs?
  • Commit a fast turnaround time to complete a project?
  • Guarantee excellent production quality and services using the latest DVD copiers and equipment?
  • Provide a binding quote for duplication services at the start of the project?
  • Give guidance, advice, and direction to expedite the project from start to finish?

The above criteria can also be used not just in qualifying companies for your DVD duplication, DVD production or disc replication needs. They can also be used in searching for companies that offer CD pressing and CD manufacturing services that use modern technology, and companies that offer the latest software, guarantee high quality products, and offer the lowest prices.


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