How To Earn an Income via Product Recommendations

Some website and service providers offer great rebates and rewards if you can refer other people to sign up for their service or buy products. It's a fairly systematic set up. You sign up for an account, and you are given an affiliate link. You can then use this link when you write a review or post a banner or button on your own blog or website. When people buy using your link, the sale is credited to you and you get a commission.

Not everyone can earn a decent income this way, though. You first have to prepare and optimize your website, so you can get people to buy based on your recommendation.

Choose your product and niche. Good affiliate income usually comes from these two niches:

  1. Products targeted at a high income bracket - People who have the spending power are likely going to be more open to the idea of buying a new product online. These include gadgets like laptops, Netbooks and mobile phones.
  2. Online shoppers - If you're running a fashion site or anything that has something to do with shopping, your readers may be more likely to be looking for things to buy. They buy online out of convenience.

Feature the affiliate link. To make a good income from an affiliate referral system, make sure that you feature the button or banner at a very accessible part of your site. As a rule of thumb, it should be visible in the first cut of the website without the need to scroll down or to the right. This is called placing the link "above the fold" so it's visible.

Give the product the extra push. You probably liked the product or service enough to buy it yourself so you should be able to write a short and convincing review on how the service or product would be of value to your readers. This can be anywhere from a short blurb to a full-length review. You are lending some of your credibility to the products you are endorsing. Make sure that the product you're trying to push is really good, because otherwise it's your reputation on the line.

Diversify. Don't just push one affiliate product. You should give your readers a choice. Reguarly review a different product or service. For instance, you can try out a different service once per week, and you can write about your experiences and you can make a recommendation. This way, your readers will know that you are serious about reviewing and recommending products, and will take your word as practical advice.

Improve traffic. Affiliate earnings are a function of traffic. The more people who read your site, the more likely they will click and buy. With more visitors, you increase the chances of people clicking that ad and thinking that they need a new product or service.

Referral marketing is an effective way for companies to market their products to the Internet-savvy public. It's also a good way to earn a decent income from commissions. But first be sure you are able to optimize your website to accommodate these, so you have better chances at earning a decent income.


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