How To Understand Enterprise Business Models and Solutions

Enterprise business is described as the act of granting different goods and services to the industry. With the modern age, different enterprise businesses are making use of information technology as a means of expanding their services. Business models are being developed based on the results of analysis from different programs. The effectiveness of a company is widely a result of the business models and solutions that the company carries out.

There are different aspects that are included for a company’s business model. Some of the topics that are taken into consideration are the finances of the company, the product, the distribution, the customer, the logistics and the sales.

Here are some examples of enterprise business models and solutions that are used:

  1. Advertising model. Advertising is a main component in any enterprise architecture. Advertising comes in many different forms. Businesses are now taking advantage of technology to be able to reach as many consumers as they can. Advertising for different companies can be seen in websites, forums and banners. This improves the traffic on the company’s website and thus, gives them more revenue. Some of the solutions for advertising are classifieds, portals and search engines or intromercials.
  2. Subscription model. Subscription model is a strategy that allows users to subscribe to a product or service. The fees may be collected monthly or annually. Subscription model is usually used together with the advertising model. This is a tandem solution for different business entities. One solution to the subscription model is by providing content services. These are articles, videos or audio files that can be accessed by users after paying a subscription fee.
  3. Merchant model. The merchant model consists of retailers of different goods and services. The prices that are set by these retailers may be based on a list price provided by the manufacturer. There are several examples of businesses that use the merchant model. One of them is the virtual merchant. The virtual merchant is someone who provides goods and services only on the Internet. A virtual merchant can operate a base business at home. Another example is a catalog merchant. The catalog merchant allows users to order the goods online by choosing from a catalog. They can then order via the phone or e-mail.
  4. Brokerage model. The brokerage model is used in order to bring sellers of goods and buyers together. A business plan software can be used for this system in order for the company to gain profit. There is usually a commission fee for the company for every transaction made on their website. Some examples of companies that make use of the brokerage model are online auction sites and virtual marketplaces. 

These are some of the enterprise business models and solutions that are available. These models are utilized by different companies in order to keep up with the trends in technology. This also allows them to reach more customers as the Internet can reach a global market. This then increases the profit of the company. 


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