How To Evaluate Facility Management Companies

Facility management is done in a company or the workplace to ensure that the workplace is top quality. This includes all the equipment and machines used, the condition of the workplace and also the personnel. Facility management also has several benefits for a company. It reduces the costs and expenses for the company, it increases the productivity of the workers from different sectors and also increases the competitive edge for the company. There are several facility management companies that offer their services to big businesses.

Here are some tips on how to evaluate a facility management company:

  1. Choosing the right facility management company - In choosing the right facility management company to evaluate your building, choose the one that is best suited to examine the area. There are a lot of facility management companies that specialize in managing different types of facilities, companies and institutions. There may be facility management companies that are best chosen for schools and others for hospitals.
  2. Elements in facility management - Facility management companies go through different steps for inspection. There may be a pre-inspection of the site to see what materials are needed for the maintenance itself. See to it that they go through several steps to insure safety. This includes predictive maintenance, planned maintenance, program maintenance, planning maintenance and procedures maintenance.
  3. Checking - You can also check to see if they go through the different areas in your building. The most common equipment that they may check includes the electricity or power in the building, the emergency power systems that are used for power outages, safety systems, extinguishing systems and others. They must make sure that all of these are usable and are in good condition.
  4. Credentials - Consider the specialties of each of the people who will inspect your building. Usually, different people with a degree or a course on the related area of inspection will be assigned to their area of expertise. This is to ensure that they know what they are doing.
  5. Training - Aside from checking out equipment, the facility management company's job is also to make sure that every person in the building knows how to handle the equipment there. Some companies may even offer to conduct training for the personnel. This is an important aspect to consider, especially if your building has a lot of special equipment that may be dangerous when not handled properly.
  6. Research - Before even choosing the facility management company, you can research the different corporations and associations that offer this kind of service. This will help you determine which one to use for your building. You can visit different websites to get information on them.

These are some of the items to be considered when evaluating a facility management company for their performance. There may be different facility management companies for different businesses but they all have the same goal. They examine a certain area to improve the productivity and limit the costs used by the people who own the building being examined. They must also explain and report their findings that were collected during examination.


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