How To Find a Philippines Direct Selling Company

Direct selling has become such a fad in the Philippines.  And no wonder since so many Filipinos are a natural at this business, having a wide network of friends and family that they can convince to support them.  A good direct selling company can be more than just selling products.  It's fun.  After making someone a member, a company can offer a lot of incentives.  Take a closer look at discounts, promos, prizes, better and bigger titles or positions (which also mean bigger pay).

There are a lot of direct selling companies in the country.  One can choose from companies selling particular items for women and men like Boardwalk, which primarily was a company selling shoes.  One can also choose Empower, which sells more extensive products like herbal coffee, toothpaste or hair shampoo to name a few.

Would you like to find a direct selling company for yourself?  Here are some tips to get you started:

  1. Sell the things you love.  Selling and endorsing products is a tough business.  Sometimes there will be days when business is slow.  It's important for your motivation and interest that you sell the things you love and know best.  Choose the direct selling company that conveys your interest, in herbal products, for example.

  2. Sell the things that everyone else loves.  Business will cease to exist if customers are not interested.

  3. Be careful about what company to work for.  Some companies will pay you based on the number of products you sold; some will pay you based on your recruits.  Be wary if the company's direct selling plan includes paying you only for recruiting or if there is no product at all.  You may be risking your money and time in signing up for bogus companies offering these services.  If in doubt, choose from a list of top network marketing companies available in the area.

  4. Direct selling tips

    • Join in company meet-ups with other members.  They will give you advice on how to better sell products, how to effectively detect potential recruits and how to expand your network, etc.  A very good company may also zoom in on the company's branches in Singapore, in India or the direct selling in Australia.  Enjoy the cultural sharing and the insights offered by these branches' progress in the market.
    • Keep very good track of your income. Make a rough "log book" where you can place who bought what or who how much you earned for this month as well as the costs of transportation and delivery, if available.  If you can afford it, multi-level marketing software is especially designed to meet business needs. 
    • "Can I pay the rest later?"  One reason why direct selling is challenging is because of the cost of the items.  You will encounter a lot of interested customers after a lively "tour" of the products you sell, only to back away after seeing the price tag.  Be considerate.  Make allowances for regular and trustworthy customers to make payments on an installment basis.  Keep track of them, though, and do not make any compromises that are beyond the agreement you both made, no matter how rich the customer may seem to be.

Get a direct selling company that has your interests in mind so you can sell to your heart's content.


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