How To Find a List of Trucking Companies

Trucking companies provide services to individuals or businesses looking to transport goods from place to place. The following are steps that can be taken to assist in finding trucking companies to suit your particular needs.

Before choosing a specific trucking company, it is important to define what the individual's or business' specific trucking needs are. There are several different types of trucking companies and they don't all offer the same services. For example, moving companies truck furniture and household items from one place to another; carting companies haul garbage, trash and waste; while freight companies truck a variety of goods from location to location.

Once the specific trucking company needs are established, it is advisable to define where the material to be trucked is intended to go. For example, if someone is moving to a new home in state, or looking to simply remove garbage or junk from their home, it is likely there will be a number of local trucking companies to choose from. In such an instance, the preferable search method would be the phone book or yellow pages serving his or her specific area. The next step would be to call as many companies as possible to discuss in greater detail the type of services they provide, the specific needs of the customer and the price of the job.

However, if the trucking distance is going to be longer, such as an interstate operation, a more in-depth search may be required. If moving to another state, local moving companies may be able to accommodate individual needs. In such a case, a local phone book search would likely suffice.

That said, if the individual or entity is looking to transport freight or goods across state lines, local trucking companies may not offer such services. In this instance, it is advisable to conduct an internet search utilizing a search engine like Google, then typing the words "Interstate Trucking Companies." It is likely that a plethora of results, ranging from specific companies to websites providing lists of company names and contact information will appear. A customer should follow the same steps as above to determine which company would best serve them.

In addition, when trucking goods and freight out of state, there may be permits to obtain and regulations to abide by. When searching for trucking companies providing these services, it is also advisable to gather information regarding any legal requirements that have to be met.


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