How To Find a Postal Weighing Scale

Postal weighing scales are of course most commonly used in post offices and the mailing and shipping industry. However, due to their very sensitive and accurate measuring capabilities they are also widely-used in many other industrial sectors. There are many different variations in postal weighing scales, including the following: platform scales, balance scales, micro-scales, water resistant scales and humidity scales. So no matter what your purposes will be for looking for a postal weighing scale, here are some great places to start your search:

  1. Trading sites. If one of the most important things you're considering is your budget, then go ahead and check out trading sites such as e-bay and; you'd likely be able to find previously-owned postal weight scales that would perfectly suit your needs. Depending on its condition, expect to shell out amounts ranging from less than one dollar, to about $50. Most of the models being sold in these trading sites are digital and electronic postal weight scales.
  2. This website provides listings of many types of postal weight scales that are certified, boast of very high accuracy ratings, and also have the option to be connected to your office software.
  3. This is another website that offers a variety of scale categories, including postal weight scales. The equipment are listed in a very comprehensive and easy-to-understand way; you would be able to quickly view specifics on each scale make and model such as the weight capacity, accuracy measurement, and other scale features. Some of its latest models include the My Weigh Ultraship U-2 Postal Scales that can be connected to your office software (USB cable included) and the NCI 7820 Shipping Scale that can be used for heavy parcels and boasts of very high accuracy ratings. Prices range from $18 (for lightweight mechanical scales), or about $40 to start for digital scales to about $1,000 for the latest models.
  4. Through this website, you would be able to easily compare prices between their different postal weighing scale models. You could arrange your comparison by brand, by price, or by seller. At this website, you could find impressive features of weight scales such as wireless scales, and heavy-duty scales.
  5. When it comes to scales, you would likely find exactly what you need at this website. Through, you would be able to find out more about the different makers and types of postal weighing scales available in the market, and at discounted prices too.
  6. By brand or seller. You could choose to check out the websites of different brands of postal weighing scales; another option is to search by seller. One such seller is Northshore Care Supply, which features postal weight scales of different brands such as Pelouze, and Ohaus. A postal weighing scale brand is Weighmax; check it out at Other relevant sites you could visit include (by seller), and By brand, try out and

There you have it! These are just six of the sure-fire places where you would be able to find the postal weighing scale that exactly fits your budget and your needs. Hope you have a fun time searching!


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