How To Find a Vioxx Attorney in California

Vioxx, whose generic name is Rofecoxib, is a drug that has been making waves in the public recently. Originally prescribed as a medicine used for treating menstruation pains, arthritis and osteoarthritis, Vioxx is a drug that is both non-steroidal and anti-inflammatory, which makes it ideal for treating acute body pains. Vioxx does this by inhibiting COX-2, an enzyme found naturally in the body.

However, taking Vioxx is extremely dangerous to your health. The drug has been pulled off the market at an alarming rate, as it was found to have actually increased a person’s risk for heart attacks. Vioxx has also been identified as causing liver damage, intestinal bleeding, as well as increase the risk for a stroke in users. If you have taken Vioxx recently, and have experienced stomach pains, you should discontinue use immediately. Other side effects of using Vioxx are as follows: abdominal pain, dizziness, high blood pressure, indigestion, respiratory tract infections, headache, bronchitis, flu-like symptoms, sinus inflammation, heartburn, diarrhea, nausea, swelling of the legs and ankles, stomach discomfort, urinary tract infections, fatigue, back pain, and general weakness. In addition, you may also have a very serious allergic reaction to taking Vioxx – if, after taking a dose of the drug, you experience tongue, throat or facial swelling, or begin to have problems in breathing, discontinue use immediately and consult a doctor as soon as possible.

Merck Pharmaceuticals, the creator of Vioxx, has begun to rapidly pull the drug from the shelves in an attempt to quickly remove it from the market before it can do any further damage to peoples’ health. However, if you have taken Vioxx and have experienced its adverse side effects, you may need a lawyer to represent you in court. Searching the Internet can give you the information you need in a flash. Try using a search engine to see if there are lawyers in your area who are willing to go to court and represent you. If you live in California, here are a few helpful links to get you started in your search for legal representation.

Law is a very helpful site that you can visit. The main page will ask you to fill up an online form. The online form is a very simple questionnaire to fill out, and it will ask you questions on the symptoms you have experienced, any health problems that may have arisen and the dosage that you used to take when you were still on Vioxx. Based on these answers, the lawyers will then judge the case and assess the merits of your situation. If they find that there is enough information to make a strong case in your favor when they get to court, you will be contacted by one of their lawyers. At the right side of the page is a list of the different areas in California where you may be residing. Clicking on the link of the appropriate location will take you to through a list of cities that will show exactly where you reside. Again, complete the form for a free evaluation of your case by a California lawyer near you.


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