How To Find a Vioxx Attorney in Florida

Science isn’t perfect. Case in point – the arthritis drug Vioxx, which may be responsible for over 27,000 heart attacks. Its developer, Merck & Co., was forced to recall the product from shelves in light of the scandal. The drug, once intended to relieve arthritic pain, is now the scapegoat for thousands of cardiac deaths.

If you have used Vioxx in the past, or know someone who did, you may be at risk for serious heart problems. You may even know someone who’s suffered cardiac arrest while under Vioxx medication. If that’s the case, you will want to find a good Vioxx attorney.

A Vioxx attorney is simply a lawyer who’s had experience in dealing with Vioxx-related cases. His expertise may lie in product liability and prescription drug-related injury claim. His background of dealing with prescription drugs will aid you in any legal trouble you may have regarding Vioxx.

The attorney’s experience means that he won’t have to research as much as he would have if this had been his first prescription drug case. His familiarity with drug litigation will speed up the processing of claims, which also means that compensation for your injuries will come more quickly. In plain English, your medical bills will be paid for sooner if you enlist the help of a Vioxx attorney. His experience will also prove to be useful in the courtroom. He will be familiar with how the drug company will defend itself, and will therefore have knowledge of how to counter the defense. He’ll know the best ways you can protect yourself and your loved ones. Because he’s worked on Vioxx cases before, he’ll also be updated on the side effects, medical risk, and all new information regarding the drug. This will make consultations much easier, as he’ll be well-equipped to decide on whether or not you have a valid case.

Since Vioxx was a popular arthritis drug, you can find a Vioxx lawyer pretty much anywhere in the country. If you’re based in Florida, where there are quite the number of Vioxx cases, you’ll have a considerable amount of places to find a good Vioxx attorney.

One thing you can do is ask and friends or family members if they’d had any experience in Vioxx cases. If they do, ask about the lawyer who represented them. You’ll be able to get valuable information, such as the fees and reliability of the attorney. You’ll also get first-hand feedback on the quality of the attorney.

On the flipside, you could always just go to local law offices and ask for attorneys who’ve had experience with Vioxx injury claims. Ask to see the credentials of any qualified attorney, as well as for his record in Vioxx cases. You certainly don’t want to avail of the services of a lawyer who keeps losing his cases.

Several websites will help you find Vioxx attorneys in Florida. The name says it all for this website. You can also check out’s directory of Florida’s Vioxx attorneys. Lastly, you can search for an attorney in your area at’s page for Florida Vioxx attorneys.


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