How To Find Cheap Professional Beauty Equipment

Being beautiful is something most women want.  It helps us in our career and our social life. If we are honest with ourselves it is an investment worth always looking into. A business as a beautician will always be in demand. It is costly to begin. We need to find places to get some cheap but professional beauty equipment.

Here are some websites where you can get the best rates for that spa equipment or salon furniture, etc.

  1.  Tradekey. This company has an investment of around 20 million US Dollars. It has a worldwide connection of wholesalers, buyers, stores, etc in over 200 countries. It has guaranteed excellent customer service and satisfaction ratings assuring you of professional business dealings. You can search for numerous beauty equipment on this site.
  2. Direct Salon Supplies. This website is one of the salon furniture authorities online. They offer what you need like chair equipment, beauty gadgets, hair treatments, etc. They accept major credit cards, debit cards and even cheques. They have a fast and efficient delivery service. One advantage is that accept used goods as long as they're no faulty or anything that disqualifies them for what is listed in their terms and conditions. You can check out their website for more information.
  3. Salon Sales. An expert in the hair and beauty industry, this company was created after 10 years of supplying product to salons in the UK. Staff in the company has worked with the greatest names in the hairdressing industry namely L’Oreal, Clynol and others. For now however they only deal with orders within the country.
  4. Phoenix Beauty Equipment Limited. An internationally known company that offers dependable and innovative salon and spa equipment. It not only sells products but provides consultations and even customer service post-delivery to clients. They make their own designs and also make modifications when requested.
  5. Wholesale Salon Equipment. This is a company that has been known in the industry for a very long time. The company specializes in high end products from nail equipment to hair equipment. It sells chairs, steamers and anything you need for a salon or spa business. They sell quality names such as Collins, Pibbs, Kaemark and other very popular names worldwide.
  6. Keller International. This is a company which could give you factory based prices. It is known for its prompt and courteous service. They even have a blog on their website to give you more details in what products to choose from. You can pay by credit card, debit cards and you can even set up financing arrangements with them. Not only that, they have package deals where you can get the best rate.

When buying beauty equipment, the same as buying anything else, be careful. Compare the rates, ask around and check out feedback and reviews. After all you are making an investment. Money and time are of the essence. If you’re on a budget, the least expensive but something with a fairly good quality is something you need to be firm on. There are many sellers out there, find the right one which could provide you with what you envision yourself or your business to be.


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